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Abigail Glass ’14 and Brenna Dimmig ’14 have recently dedicated themselves to a year of service as Jesuit Volunteers with Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) and JVC Northwest. As volunteers with these two Jesuit Volunteer organizations, these graduates serve people who live on the margins of society, and have committed to living simply and working for social change in a reflective and spiritually supportive community with other Jesuit Volunteers (JVs). Glass is volunteering at Aurora Walker's Point Community Clinic, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Dimmig is volunteering with Catholic Charities of Yakima and Catholic Family & Child Services, in Wenatchee, Washington. John Carroll University graduates are some of the 314 JVC volunteers serving in 60 communities across the world, and the 147 JVC Northwest JV/AmeriCorps members serving in 24 Northwest communities. JVs serve hundreds of thousands of people each year, addressing issues such as hunger and homelessness, poverty, domestic violence, end-of-life care, mental health, food justice, as well as serve in indigenous communities, schools, health clinics, and advocacy organizations across the country and world. "Our Jesuit Volunteers are important change-makers in the lives of those who experience marginalization and suffering, as well as in the communities and ecosystems where they serve," shares Jeanne Haster, executive director of JVC Northwest.  "We support JVs through retreats, community visits, and mentorship engaging them in the Ignatian practice of action-reflection leading to deep change in their own lives and future directions." “Each year passionate women and men, like the graduates of John Carroll University, provide vital services through their work as Jesuit Volunteers and I am continually inspired by their commitment to serve,” says Mary Claire Ryan, president of JVC. “Through JVC’s integration of spirituality, community, simple living and social justice Jesuit Volunteers have a transformative experience preparing them for a lifetime of putting faith into action.” About Jesuit Volunteer Corps The Baltimore, Md.-based Jesuit Volunteer Corps offers women and men an opportunity to work full-time for justice and peace in 38 U.S. cities and 6 countries. More than 250 grassroots organizations across the world count on Jesuit Volunteers to provide essential services. JVC offers volunteers an experience that will open their minds and hearts to live always conscious of the poor and committed to the Church’s mission of promoting justice in the service of faith. Learn more at About JVC Northwest Established in 1956 in Copper Valley, Alaska, JVC Northwest connects individuals with one or more years of volunteer service focused on the core values of community, spirituality, simple living, and social and ecological justice. Each year, JVs serve over 150,000 marginalized people in urban, rural, and Indigenous communities, as well as fragile ecosystems throughout the Pacific Northwest. When the various JVC regions joined as one organization in 2009, JVC Northwest discerned to remain independent and locally based to best serve local and regional communities in the Northwest.  JVC Northwest is a National Direct AmeriCorps program with 135 JV AmeriCorps members. For more information, visit