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Get involved, make connections, advocate!

Click here to volunteer and/or nominate someone to run for Staff Council. 

  • 2/27/2020-3/30/2020 at 8:00 a.m. Volunteer/Nomination Period - Click here to volunteer and/or nominate someone to run for Staff Council. 
  • 3/6/2020 8:30-9:30 First Friday Coffee Hour/Election Information Session in the Press Box
  • 3/4/2020-3/30/2020 at 8:00 a.m. Accept/Decline Nomination and Submit Bios and Photos
  • 3/30/2020-3/31/2020 Human Resources review of candidates for Staff Council Membership requirements
  • 4/2/2020 Candidates Posted
  • 4/3/2020 8:30-9:30 Virtual First Friday Coffee Hour/Candidate Meet and Greet 
  • 4/14/2020-4/17/2020 Elections for Chair Elect and Vice Chair positions - ballots will be sent to all staff via email
  • 4/20/2020 New Chair Elect and Vice Chairs announced
  • 4/20/2020 - 4/24/2020 Elections for Members-at-Large - ballots will be sent to all staff via email
  • 4/27/2020 New Members-at-Large announced

Click here to volunteer and/or nominate someone to run for Staff Council!


All open position terms are two years, starting 6/1/2020 and ending 5/31/2022 with the exception of Chair Elect who serves as Chair Elect 6/1/2020-5/31/2021, Chair 6/1/2021-5/31/2022, and Past Chair 6/1/2022-5/31/2023.

Executive Committee Members (4 Open Positions)

  • Chair Elect Duties: 1. Fulfill any unexpired term if vacated by the Chair. 2. Represent the Staff Council on the University Committee on Collaborative Governance and other designated university committees. 3. Lead meetings in absence of the chair. 4. Coordinate focus groups and electronic assessment instruments as needed for the Staff Council or other committees.  5. Compile Staff Council reports for all Staff Council appointed representatives for university committees. 6.  Build and maintain the files regarding the Communications and Assessment Committee.  7. Collect Year-End Reports for each Staff Council officer/committee.  The current Chair Elect is Brendan Dolan.
  • Vice Chair of Communication Duties: 1. Manage all communication activities. 2. Develop, integrate and implement a broad range of public relations activities, including but not limited to website, social media, print media, email, and a regular staff newsletter. 3. Take or collect all meeting minutes and post, once approved, to Staff Council website in a timely manner.. 4. Provide Staff Council with update regarding incoming and outgoing staff members, based upon information provided by Human Resources. 5. Build and maintain the files regarding the Communications Committee. 6. Submit Year-End Committee Report.  The current Vice Chair of Communication is Mary Ellen Riley.
  • Vice Chair of Community Building and Networking – Duties: 1. Develop and implement community building and networking programs and initiatives. 2. Build and maintain the files regarding the Community Building and Networking Committee. 3. Submit Year-End Committee Report. The current Vice Chair of Community Building and Networking is Lisa Ramsey.
  • Vice Chair of Mission and Advocacy – Duties: 1. Promote Mission Leave opportunities for staff. 2. Promote spiritual development opportunities for staff. 3. Liaise with Human Resources regarding matters pertaining to the staff. 4. Build and maintain the files regarding the Mission and Advocacy Committee. 5. Submit Year-End Committee Report. The current Vice Chair of Mission & Advocacy is Jurell Sison.


At-Large Members

  • (8 Open Positions) Duties of At-Large Members: 1. Attend all Staff Council Meetings.  2. Serve on at least one standing committee for the duration of their term. The current At-Large Members are John Brautigan, James Burrows, Mackensie Durst, Lauren Fraser, Lou Genovese, Allison Goldhammer, Melanie Moss, Adam Parliman, Shauna Payne, Michelle Raddell, Lauren Ryan, Maria Soriano-Young, Shannon Volpi, Pam Zangara, and Selen Zarrell.  The 8 underlined staff members have terms ending on 5/31/2020.


Click here to volunteer and/or nominate someone to run for Staff Council!


Click here to volunteer and/or nominate someone to run for Staff Council!


Serving as Chair Elect is a chance to learn and grow as a Staff Member at JCU. It is the start of a three-year journey going from Chair Elect, to Chair of Staff Council, to Immediate Past Chair. It provides the opportunity to represent the greater staff community; to advocate for staff across the campus; to elevate lessons we learn from listening to staff; and to advise the efforts of the larger Staff Council. It has been a privilege to serve in the Chair Elect position and I truly value the connections I have made with all who serve on Staff Council. - Brendan Dolan, Chair


I have enjoyed serving as the Vice Chair of CBN because it has been fun to work with my committee to bring creative events to the staff in order to build a positive community.  I have also really loved getting to know the folks on the exec board better and create positive relationships with people across campus that I might not have gotten to know otherwise.  It is a blast seeing staff members happy and connecting with other colleagues at events!” - Lisa Ramsey, Vice Chair for Community Building and Networking

Staff Council for me has helped me find community. It was a great way not only to learn and develop my leadership skills but to get myself involved in the community. We have an amazing community here at JCU!” - Jurell Sison, Vice Chair for Mission and Advocacy

"Staff Council has provided countless opportunities to engage with fellow colleagues in ways that I normally would not be able to on a regular basis. It's an honor to craft and create messaging for our external audience via the website, and internally with the staff of John Carroll during such an exciting time for the University. This role is truly the best combination of creativity, connection, and communication!"
-Mary Ellen Riley, Vice Chair for Communication

Joining Staff Council represents the opportunity to make our presence and our viewpoints more visible to many corners of our campus, as well as allowing us to participate in and contribute to key developments and decisions. My membership on Staff Council has led to so many opportunities, and I am proud to have the chance to speak on behalf of staff members, as well as working toward enhancing our experiences on campus. I've also been able to meet and cultivate working and friendly relationships with so many other staff members in all areas of campus, which is a bonus!” - Maria Soriano Young, Member-at-Large

I have been part of Staff Council since its inception.  The many issues we have addressed and the colleagues that I have worked with has made this a very rewarding experience.  We are here to be a voice for all Staff and I would encourage you to be part of Staff Council.” - John Brautigan, Member-at-Large

Staff Council gives us a streamlined way for our voice to be heard. That's invaluable at a higher education institution. I am privileged to be on a committee that cares about order and responsibility. It feels good knowing what we discuss makes a difference.” - Adam Parliman, Member-at-Large


Candidates will be posted here on 4/2/2020.


New Chair Elect and Vice Chairs will be announced here 4/20/2020.

New Members-at-Large will be announced here 4/27/2020.


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