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Joy N. Nyaanga, MA
B.S. Chemistry w/ Biochemistry Concentration
B.S. Cell and Molecular Biology
JCU, 2017

Joy Nyaanga

I would sincerely say that my decision to attend John Carroll University was one of the best I’ve made in my life. Not only was I able to have experiences and develop relationships over my four years that I will always cherish, but I also graduated feeling empowered and prepared to pursue my career goals.

I initially began my time at Carroll as a Cell and Molecular Biology major hoping to one day attend medical school, but through the encouragement of my freshman year advisor, I picked up Chemistry as a second major; a choice that, while challenging in the moment, was incredibly valuable. As a Chemistry major I took classes that challenged the way I thought about biological questions, met faculty from a new department who were incredibly patient and academically diverse mentors, and even had the opportunity to immerse myself in basic research. These greatly influenced the direction I chose to follow post-graduation. I came to realize that while I found medicine fascinating, it was the chemistry behind basic biological and life processes which truly fascinated me and that I wished to further study these types of questions through a graduate degree. With that in mind, I began my final year searching for graduate programs that would provide me with an equal level of opportunity and support I had received over my years in the Chemistry department at JCU.

It was with the help of my Chemistry academic advisor that I navigated the graduate school admissions process and it is due to the comprehensive knowledge and skills I acquired through classes and research on campus that I have been successful in my last two years at the graduate level.

I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my time at John Carroll. The amount of academic growth and confidence I garnered over my four years and the amount of support and respect I’ve felt as a student and even now as I reach out to my former advisors for advice about navigating graduate school has made all the difference. This is where I found my home; a home full of incredible mentors and people wanting nothing more than my success.