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My name is Megan Wilt and I am an alumna of John Carroll University.

Megan Wilt

I graduated in the spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. Now, I am pursuing a Doctorate in Chemistry at Case   Western Reserve University.

The education and post-graduation opportunities provided by the professors at JCU are second to none. During my senior year, I had   received rejection letters from every graduate school to which I had applied, on the basis of there being a lack of funding in the chemistry   department. I had begun to look at employment opportunities when the Chemistry professors at JCU told me to apply to CWRU, even   though the application deadline was months ago. In a matter of two weeks, I had interviewed for the graduate program at CWRU and had   received an acceptance letter.

The chemistry professors at JCU had gone above and beyond in helping me with life after college, ensuring that I would not be left behind   in  future endeavors. The professors recognize students who try to the best of their ability during the undergraduate years. It is important to   surround oneself with people who are willing to lend support when it is not explicitly asked. I had not asked the chemistry professors to help   with graduate school, but rather they assisted me of their volition.

As a former chemistry major at JCU, I received more than a degree. I benefited from a professional community   that sincerely wanted me to succeed.