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The Dean of Students or designee shall create student conduct boards to hear cases referred to them. Student Conduct Boards at John Carroll University include the Student Union Hearing Board, the University Hearing Board, and the Appellate Board. Membership on these boards is by appointment or election and can include students, faculty, staff members, and administrators. Student conduct boards will be chaired by a non-voting student or conduct administrator. These boards are authorized by the Dean of Students to recommend whether a student has violated the Student Code, and to recommend sanctions when appropriate.

Student Conduct Boards will conduct formal hearings on all cases assigned to them for the purpose of reviewing evidence, and determining or recommending a finding of responsibility and disciplinary actions to the Student Conduct Administrator as appropriate. The non-voting board chairperson will arrange for the hearing, chair the session(s), and develop a written statement including the determination of responsibility or recommended findings and the assigned or recommended action(s) from the Student Conduct Board.

University Hearing Board

Members of this board are faculty elected by Faculty Council and students, staff members, and administrators appointed by the Dean of Students. The University Hearing Board is a recommending body and generally considers incidents that could result in separation from the University, either temporary or permanent, if a student(s) is found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct.

Student Government Hearing Board

The chair of this board, the Vice President for Judicial Affairs, is elected by the student body and serves a one year term commencing in January. The VP must have prior Student Government Hearing Board experience.

The other eight members of the board are selected through an interview process conducted by the chair, vice-chair, and advisor. Candidates selected are then presented to the Student Union for confirmation. This process is generally conducted each semester unless there are no vacancies. The Student Government Hearing Board is a recommending body and generally considers incidents where four or more students are involved and separation from the University is not a possible outcome for a student(s) found responsible for violating the Student Code of Conduct. Additional information about the Student Government Hearing Board is available at the Student Government website.