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Apply to the JCU Arrupe Scholars Program

The deadline to apply to the Arrupe Scholars Program for first-time freshmen entering JCU in the Fall of 2021 has passed.

Should you have any questions about the program or application process, please email

About the Program

Rooted in the wisdom of our 500-year-old Jesuit heritage, this program aims to produce graduates that are both trained in the academic study of inequality and committed to using their knowledge and abilities for the promotion of justice.

In order to form leaders for social justice, the Arrupe Scholars Program challenges students to grow in the following four areas:

1. Intellectual Development - Arrupe Scholars will seek to analyze social justice issues from the viewpoint of multiple academic disciplines and ask questions that help them to understand the complex social, cultural, political, economic, and moral dimensions of injustice.

2. Active Reflection - Arrupe Scholars will be reflective learners, integrating their curricular and co-curricular learning experiences and using them to inform their understanding of social justice issues.

3. Commitment to Solidarity - Arrupe Scholars will demonstrate a commitment to social action grounded in sustained engagement with people facing injustice. The job of an Arrupe Scholar is not simply “to help others” but rather, to learn from our community partners and bear witness to the suffering of those facing injustice in our world.

4. Advocacy - Arrupe Scholars will apply their knowledge and abilities to advocate for positive social change. Through course work and experiential learning projects, Arrupe Scholars will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be a voice of support for those facing injustice in our world. During their four years at John Carroll, students will identify a particular area of injustice — for example, human trafficking, Fair Trade, wrongful convictions, or environmental justice– that they will concentrate their efforts upon. Students will then construct and carry out an action and advocacy project as the capstone experience of the Arrupe Scholars Program.


Sydnia De Franco, M.A.
AD 126

Julia Arnold-Hess
Administrative Assistant
AD 126