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Serious about making a change in the world?

This is accomplished by approaching the concept of leadership in a variety of settings – in the classroom, on the practice field, in a student organization, and in the communities beyond our campus borders. Leadership Scholars will participate in engaging seminars and classes, interact with leaders off campus, and also develop relationships with their peers in the program - preparation to be effective when opportunities arise to have an impact and create change

Up to 35 students are selected for the program each year from hundreds of applicants through a highly competitive process.

What do Leadership Scholars experience when they are in the program?

Some of the experiences and outcomes for students in the program include:

* Ongoing opportunities to connect with other JCU student leaders, both in and out of the classroom;

* Opportunities to travel to national student leadership conferences;

* Opportunities to connect with and interview leaders in their chose; and

* Having the Leadership Development minor and Leadership Scholars Program on their resume will often catch the attention of interviewers, who often prioritize candidate with leadership education and training when looking for candidates for their organizations.