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The following JCU faculty and staff serve on the Leadership Advisory Board:

  • Laura Atkins, Assistant Dean of the Boler School of Business
  • Donna Byrnes, Associate Dean of Students
  • Katie Jansen, Assistant Director of Enrollment and Instructor in the Leadership Development minor
  • Angie Canda, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology and Honors Program Director
  • Kyle O’Dell, Ph.D. (convener), Senior Director of Student Engagement and Director of Undergraduate Leadership Education
  • Lisa Ramsey, Associate Director of Student Engagement
  • Brian Saxton, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management
  • Zach Rhodes, Director of Enrollment
  • Earl Spurgin, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy
  • Kevin Wallace, Instructor in the Leadership Development minor
  • Andy Welki, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics