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Administration Building
Ground Floor – St. Francis Xavier
Foyer – The Jesuit Motto: All for All People
Foyer – The Beginnings of a Jesuit Iconography and Jesuit Formation
First Floor –The Founding of the Society of Jesus
President’s Office – Jesuits and the Educational Apostolate
Second Floor Elevator – Jesuit Emblems
Second Floor Elevator – Jesuit Student Note-Taking Techniques
Second Floor – Jesuit Wanderlust
Second Floor – The Jesuit Suppression and Restoration 1773-1814
Second Floor – The Jesuits in Spanish America
Second Floor – The Jesuits in Africa

Administration Building B-Wing
Ground Floor – Jesuit Students

Boler School,
Dean’s Office – Jesuits and Business

O’Malley Center
First Floor – Jesuit Writing and Publishing

Lombardo Student Center
Ground Floor – Jesuit Reductions [or Communities] and Workshops
Resident Dining Hall Entrance – Humanities and Rhetoric
Resident Dining Hall Entrance – Science and Mathematics
LSC Conference Room – The Jesuit Garden: Rome
LSC Conference Room – The Jesuit Garden: China
Campus Ministry Corridor – Jesuit Art and Architecture in Europe
Marinello Theater, Second Floor – Jesuit Music and Drama

Grasselli Library
Ground Floor – Jesuit Art: to delight, to teach, and to move
First Floor – Women Jesuits?
Second Floor – Jesuit Devotions

Rodman Hall
Conference Rm A, Second Floor – Jesuit History: A Hot New Topic
Admissions Lobby, Second Floor – Jesuit Urban Mission

Dolan Center for Science and Technology
East Atrium Entrance – The Jesuit Mission in North America
West Atrium Entrance – Jesuits and the Cultural Field of Science
A202/203 – The Jesuits in China
A202/203 – The Jesuits in Japan
A202/203 – The Jesuits in India, Vietnam, and the Philippines