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At the 72nd Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference (ECSC) held at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York on April 21, 2018, four Neuroscience Concentration students received award or excellence plaques for their research project manuscripts.  Emilie Christie received her award for a paper in Cell and Molecular Biology,  Anastasiya Kalinina for her  paper in Health Science,  Madelyn Pierce for her paper in Psychology and Alison Swift for her paper in Physiology. In addition, Emilie Christie, Anastasiya Kalinina and Madelyn Pierce received Awards of Excellence for their Poster Presentations. ECSC is the oldest undergraduate research conference in the United States.  For 31 consecutive years, neuroscience students of Drs. Murphy and Wideman have received Excellence/Outstanding Awards for research in Biology, Chemistry and/or Psychology at the ECSC.  The Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Concentration at JCU involves students who major in Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology.