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University Heights, OH – Celebration of Scholarship highlights the research, community service and creative endeavors of John Carroll University students, faculty and staff members. It is hosted by Associate Academic Vice President for Academic Programs and Faculty Diversity, Dr. Lauren Bowen. The public is invited to explore the many educational enrichment workshops and activities offered during this campus-wide event. Learn more about specific panel discussions and view a schedule of events at Celebration of Scholarshipnotable presentations: Mitsui Distinguished Lecture “What's Wrong with Korean History?: A New History in a New Century” By Mark Peterson, Ph.D., professor of Asian and Near Eastern Languages Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah There is an old Korean saying: "when whales fight, shrimp get their backs broken." In the modern era, Korea has often been the shrimp caught in the fight between the whales of China, Japan, Russia, and the United States. As Korea moves into the 21st century, a new and powerful country is replacing the old, weak one. How will the emergence of this new Korea affect the way Korea looks at its history? Dr. Peterson will examine a new view of Korean history and the implications this new history will have on not only Korea, but also China and Japan, as they continue to re-imagine their past in light of their present. Monday, March 10 5:30 p.m. Donahue Auditorium, Dolan Science Center ________________ “Institute for Educational Renewal Great Schools Framework” Dr. Deborah Gries Zawislan and Lisa Shoaf,presenters Tuesday, March 11 3:30-5 p.m. Dolan Science Center, Room A202 For the past 17 years, the Institute for Educational Renewal (IER) has provided school-based professional development and support to teachers, students, principals and parents in Cleveland and First-Ring communities. A non-profit organization, IER is dedicated to creating great schools committed to collaborative leadership, effective teaching and learning, and positive school culture by engaging students, teachers, principals, and parents in rigorous and meaningful academic work that results in high achievement for all learners in elementary and K-8 schools. This presentation will share IER’s comprehensive model for professional development and discuss how those learning communities are contributing to student achievement in literacy. ________________ “Poverty and Solidarity Initiative-Summer Internships” Dr. Peggy Finucane, Center for Service & Social Action, moderator Liberty Bost, Samantha Cocco, Abbey Fox, Joshua Marcin, Sarah Stroney, Emily Tillmaand, JCU Students, presenters Tuesday, March 11 5:30-7 p.m. Dolan Science Center, Room A203 Students engaged in the 2007 Poverty and Solidarity Summer Internships will share their reflections on their learning about poverty in Cleveland. Students worked with different community agencies whose missions address issues related to poverty including community development, public policy, women’s issues, and healthcare. The goal of these internships is to allow students to increase their knowledge about poverty, its human and social costs, and ways they can act with and on behalf of the poor. They will share their learning about the needs of the people in Cleveland (ranked in 2007 as the fourth poorest city in America), the resources in the community to meet those needs, and how they are positioned to become agents of change. _________________ “Cleveland Area Local Religions Project: Ethnic Catholic Parishes in Cleveland” Dr. Sheila E. McGinn, JCU Department of Religious Studies, moderator Wednesday, March 12 3:30-5 p.m. Dolan Science Center, Room W116 This presentation will center on Cleveland’s ethnic Roman Catholic parishes, which have been a significant force in the city’s history, yet many of them now are on the “endangered species” list. The study analyzes the historical significance of ethnic Roman Catholic parishes in Cleveland, from their founding through the present time. Documenting the historical significance of these ethnic parishes is important not only to the parishes themselves, but also to the entire Diocese of Cleveland and the wider city. The invaluable data collected by this project will help to preserve the heritage of these ethnic parishes at a crucial juncture in their history, and will publicize some of the significant contributions these ethnic communities have made to the Catholic Church and the City of Cleveland. _________________ Celebrate the Arts at Lunch: The Art Exhibit Artwork created by John Carroll community members will be on display during the week. (Please see the web site for the schedule.) March 10-14 D.J. Lombardo Student Center / Atrium Also: Visit the Grasselli Library for the “Celebration of Art” exhibit.