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WHO: Among the John Carroll volunteers will be members of the university’s football, wrestling, swim and volleyball teams. They will join fellow students and residents of the Hough-Glenville community for this neighborhood beautification initiative. “Cultivating Community” is a class taught by John Carroll professor and Director of Community Service, Dr. Peggy Finucane. The goal is to encourage students to find new and different ways to engage surrounding communities. WHAT: 250 John Carroll students, alumni, and community volunteers will participate in “CULTIVATING COMMUNITY DAY.” Volunteers will plant flowers, paint porches, and complete a spring clean-up in several locations of Cleveland’s Hough-Glenville neighborhood. WHERE: “Cultivating Community Day” Hough-Glenville locations: o Father Albert House, 6800 Lexington Avenue o Fatima Family Center, 6600 Lexington Avenue o East 95th Street Club, East 95th & Ansel Road o St. Francis Elementary School, 71st & Superior Avenue o Famicos Foundation, 1325 Ansel Road WHEN: Saturday, April 28, 2007 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Lunch break: Noon-1pm) CONTACT: Dr. Peggy Finucane 216.780.1973 -or- Sabina Zalipsky 216.544.8363