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Cleveland, OH - Tomorrow’s teachers will need to develop creative strategies in order to stay engaged in the classroom. So, when Cleveland Clinic’s Senior Director of Civic Education Initiatives, Rosalind Strickland, suggested a partnership with John Carroll University to offer teachers a “health arts” curriculum, the University embraced the opportunity to respond to a rapidly changing educational landscape. Beginning this year, certified teachers seeking credit for professional development and/or licensure renewal can opt to participate in the Cleveland Clinic’s “eXpressions™” classroom-based programs and receive graduate credit from John Carroll University. The eXpressions™ program, which was established by Cleveland Clinic’s Office of Civic Education Initiatives in 2005, challenges Northeast Ohio high school students to produce creative interpretations of scientific and medical research conducted at Cleveland Clinic. The culmination of the artistic works is an award-winning exhibit, known as “Cleveland Clinic eXpressions™: Where Research and Creativity meet.” Upon announcing this collaboration between John Carroll University and the Clinic, Ms. Strickland stated, “Raising the bar in education begins with finding more ways for teachers to model and demonstrate teaching and learning strategies. It is an investment in our future.” Dr. Mark Storz, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, affirmed common goals: “The nature of the eXpressions™ program is closely aligned with John Carroll’s mission. This project provides the University with another important avenue to participate in K-12 education in Northeast Ohio.” Spring semester registration is now open and closes February 27, 2009. For more information please contact Dr. Mark Storz at or 216-397-4284.