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Colin Swearingen, associate professor of political science at John Carroll University, was recently featured by Gray Washington News Bureau in their coverage of Cleveland’s primary for democratic state representation. 

Commenting on the ongoing battle between frontrunners Nina Turner (Ohio State Senator) and Shontel Brown (Cuyahoga County Councilwoman), Swearingen remarked:

“There’s so many things that are at the national level that are going to affect a district like Cleveland,” Swearingen said.

Among them are an infrastructure overhaul, police reform negotiations, and voting rights legislation, Swearingen said, and having a seat at the table to advocate for Cleveland is vital.

Because the state scheduled this special election late in the year, he said that whoever comes out victorious will have to hit the ground sprinting, joining the 117th Congress nearly a year after their colleagues.

“They both have, to a certain degree, experience in politics,” Swearingen said. “[They should] use that experience to make sure their voice is an important one in the caucus."

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