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University Heights, OH – Celebration of Scholarship highlights the research, community service and creative endeavors of John Carroll University students, faculty and staff members. It is hosted by Dr. Mary E. Beadle, dean of The Graduate School, and Sponsored Research and Faculty Development. The public is invited to explore the many educational enrichment workshops and activities offered during this campus-wide event. Learn more about specific panel discussions and view a schedule of events at Celebration of Scholarship notable presentations: “The Politics of H2O: Political Pluralization of Hydropower Policy In China” 2007 Mitsui Distinguished Lecture Sponsored by the East Asian Studies Program at John Carroll Dr. Andrew Mertha, an assistant professor at Washington University, discusses how the political process in China is evolving in relation to the country’s potential to become a global leader in renewable energy: hydropower. Hydropower is controversial due to environmental concerns. Dr. Mertha asserts that the result is a more liberalized and inclusive political process. Monday, March 19 5:30 p.m. Donahue Auditorium, Dolan Science Center “Close Examination of an Online Charter School” Dr. Lisa Shoaf, JCU Department of Education and Allied Studies, presenter The number of charter schools has increased to nearly 2,400 across the United States. The movement has advanced to include technology in the form of online learning. This study focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of an online charter school. Based upon constituent satisfaction and increasing student achievement, the online charter school in this study is becoming competitive with traditional public schools. Tuesday, March 20 1:30-3 p.m. Dolan Science Center, Room A202 “Poetry as Discovery: A Reading of Poetry Writing by Students” Dr. Phil Metres, JCU Department of English, moderator This presentation will articulate, through poetry, how American culture and politics are shaped by one's daily existence. Topics include the Iraq war, illness and family relationships. These projects probe the possibilities of poetry to engage the world, exploring how our voices interact and are transformed by an increasingly global and “polyvocal” culture. Wednesday, March 21 5:30-7 p.m. Dolan Science Center, Room A202 “From Bombs To Ballots-The Homes Movement” Ilya Batikov, JCU undergraduate student, presenter Since being elected to the Palestinian Legislative Council in January of 2006, Hamas has been pressured to meet the demands of the United States, Israel, and European Union to abandon violence, recognize Israel, and accept a two-state solution as a final end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This student’s presentation focuses on the 2006 election: the first time the Islamist Hamas chose to participate in electoral politics. Thursday, March 22 1:30-3 p.m. Dolan Science Center, Room A202 Celebrate the Arts: The Art Exhibit Artwork created by the John Carroll community will be on display during the week. March 19-22 Grasselli Library Lobby For library hours, please call 216.397.4233