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One of the many duties of Staff Council is to make sure that there is adequate staff representation on university groups and committees.

Staff members appointed to represent Staff Council on university committees should submit their reports on each meeting using this form.

Below is a current list of committees with Staff Council appointed members.

University Board of Directors Committees:

  • Academic Affairs Committee: Caragh Vasko
  • Advancement Committee: Katie Jansen
  • Finance Committee: April Skurka
  • Investments Committee: John Brautigan
  • Mission and Identity Committee: Melanie Moss
  • Properties, Facilities, & IT Committee: Michael Nicholson
  • Student Affairs Committee: Logan Vess

UCCG Committees:

  • University Committee on Collaborative Governance (UCCG): Eric Eickhoff & Eddie Carreon
  • University Strategic Planning Group (USPG)Eric Eickhoff
  • University Committee on Administrative Policies (UCAP): Eddie Carreon & Lisa Ramsey
  • University Committee on the Student Learning Experience (UCSLE): Brandi Mandzak
  • University Committee for Resource Allocation (UCRA):Brendan Dolan
  • University Committee on Educational Policies (UCEP): John Ambrose

Additional Committees:

  • Human Resources Policy Review Committee: John Ambrose
  • Facilities Planning Space Committee: Mike Marich & Amy Zucca
  • Compensation Study Committee: April Skurka
  • JCU PD Advisory Committee: Salomon Rodezno

last updated: March 15, 2019

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