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John Carroll University Peer Health Advocates are students committed to promoting healthy choices and lifestyles through educating and empowering themselves and their peers on a variety of health-related topics. By providing innovative, creative, and educational programming, outreach, and one-on-one interaction opportunities. Peer Health Advocates will serve as a resource, referral agent, and role model for their peers.

Through training and group dynamic development, the Peer Health Advocate will learn to take care of their own wellness, deal appropriately with stress, and increase leadership skills. Peer Health Advocates are expected to provide their peers with information to make healthy, informed decisions regarding health and well-being. Peer Health Advocates are aware of health-based initiatives at JCU and are committed to living healthy lifestyles themselves. They are aware of campus resources and are comfortable in promoting healthy relationships and substance-free activities.

Peer Health Advocates are trained through a two part process. The first segment is a general introduction to presenting, theories, and well-being concepts. The second segment is specific to the concentration of the PHA. This can be either relational, behavioral, or physical. To apply to be a Peer Health Advocate, fill out the application below.

Being a Peer Health Advocates is a year long commitment. All Peer Health Advocates will earn $8.30 an hour, excluding trainings.

Below is a more full list of all responsibilities and expectations.

Under the Supervision of the Office for Health Promotion and Wellness, the Peer Health Advocates will:
  • Maintain good conduct and academic standing with John Carroll University.
  • Attend and complete an educational retreat at the beginning of each semester that they are a Peer Health Advocate.
  • Research, develop, and execute programming for the JCU community that is interactive, positive, fun and non-judgmental.
  • Uphold standards of privacy befitting their role.
  • Learn the basics of prevention, college wellness, and the strategies for change/harm reduction in high-risk behaviors.
  • Develop listening, responding, and referral skills.
  • Create awareness of health topics affecting JCU students through various means including: poster and social media campaigns, newsletters, Carroll News editorials, Public Service Announcements, one-on-one interactions, tabling at health education initiatives and general availability for program participation.
  • Help students find appropriate resources to support healthy behaviors by making referrals to the appropriate professionals (Health Education, Residence Life, Counseling Center, Health Services, Violence Prevention Action Center, Campus Safety Services, etc.)
  • Uphold standards of healthy living by (but not limited to) committing to:
    • Avoiding underage alcohol consumption
    • Avoiding illegal drug use
    • Perpetuating a healthy body image
    • Using appropriate gender expressions and identities and language choices as learned in training
    • Recognizing the signs and symptoms of both healthy and unhealthy relationships
    • Engaging in some type of stress-relief/renewal on a weekly basis
    • Identifying the various campus resources addressing health-related issues (Counseling Center, VPAC, Health Center, etc)
Peer Health Advocates will be committed to:
  • Attending and being enthusiastic, engaged and thoughtful participation in bi-weekly Peer Health Advocate meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm.
  • Willingness to promote events, raise awareness, and be a leader and role model on campus.
  • Participating in and the organizing of campus-wide as well as organization specific programs related to health topics
  • Attendance at an educational retreat and participation in future trainings for incoming Peer Health Advocates.
  • Providing information, resources, programming, peer advice and visibility to peers.
  • Creating awareness of presence in Res Halls (where you live, how you can be accessed, what you do, what the Peer Health Advocate program is, etc).
  • Participating in Residence Life building and floor meetings.
  • Attending programs developed by other building leaders (Residence Life, Health Education, Residence Ministers, etc.) when possible.
  • Must be a full-time student at John Carroll University.
  • Must have a 2.5+ GPA
  • Must be in good standing academically and judicially.
  • Must have completed and passed AlcoholEdu.
  • Be a role model for responsible and healthy lifestyle choices and enthusiastic about listening to peers and offering advice on wellness issues and stress-relief .
  • Must be non-judgmental, responsible, reliable, and act as a resource to students.
  • Must possess strong verbal skills and the desire to interact with and present information to peers.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work with individuals and groups in a leadership capacity.
Application Timeline

Applications will open in early Spring 2020.  Specific dates are TBD.

*The above timeline is tentative to change, please contact Jamie Greenwolf,, with any specific questions.

Current Peer Health Advocates

Relational PHAs

Anabelle Nietupski


Name and Pronouns: Anabelle Nietupski, She/Her/Hers 

Major/Minor:  Communication/Sociology and Criminology Pre-law

Year in School:  4th Year

Topics of Special Interest: Dating; LGBTQ+

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I love presenting and have no shame talking about sensitive topics. I also love learning and growing personally while helping the campus learn and grow as well.

Autumn Franz


Name and Pronouns: Autumn Franz, She/Her/Hers or They/Them/Theirs

Major:  Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Sociology with a concentration in Diversity, Culture, and Inclusion

Year in School:  4th Year

Topics of Special Interest: Self Sabotage and Toxic Relationships, Mental Health Issues' Effects on Relationships, LGBTQIA+ Relationships, etc.

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I wanted to take the knowledge I had about relational health and share it with others, while being able to learn more myself in the process, hopefully to help other people to create less harmful and more fulfilling relationships.

Gabriella Phillips


Name and Pronouns: Bella Phillips, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Psychology

Year in School:  4th Year

Topics of Special Interest:  Stress relief, anxiety management, body positive and healthy relationships

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I wanted to be a PHA because I know how important it is for students to be educated on their health and who better to hear it from than your peers! Hearing stories like mine is was helped me get through some of my hardest times and I want the opportunity to do that for others on our campus.

Daniella Flores


Name and Pronouns: Daniella Flores, She/Her/Hers 

Major:  Communication, Integrated Marketing

Year in School:  3rd Year

Why did you want to be a PHA?  To continue to learn and educate others about behavioral health. I want to grow more in my own knowledge about health for college students, and also help college students to become their best self and utilize their resources.


Christina Carocci


Name and Pronouns: Christina Carroci, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Psychology

Year in School:  2nd Year

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I am dedicated to helping others, and want to share insight on wellness with my classmates.


Behavioral PHAs

John Garmon


Name and Pronouns: John Garmon, He/Him/His

Major:  Exercise Science

Year in School:  4th Year

Topics of Special Interest:  The effects of exercise and nutrition on the body.

Why did you want to be a PHA?  With aspirations of being a chiropractor, I believe it is important to care for the whole person. Being a PHA allows me to spread this care for the whole person to such a vast platform. Even if what I do helps one person, I consider that a win.


Shannon O'Mara


Name and Pronouns: Shannon O'Mara, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Psychology with Mental Health Services

Year in School:  3rd Year

Topics of Special Interest:  body image issues, self-esteem related issues

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I want to help promote positive self-image here at John Carroll! I also want to work towards helping others find healthy coping mechanisms to work through their stress!

Mary Sessions


Name and Pronouns: Mary Sessions, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Exercise Science

Year in School:  2nd Year

Why did you want to be a PHA?  To help people lead healthy lifestyles here on campus and share my passion for health!



Hannah Parson PHA

Name and Pronouns: Hannah Parson, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Biology

Year in School:  2nd Year

Topics of Special Interest:  I am passionate about preventing substance abuse and educating individuals on how to be safe, healthy and responsible.

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I am very passionate about helping people and I believe that it is important for John Carroll students to be supportive of each other.

Physical PHAs

Haley Kovach


Name and Pronouns: Haley Kovach, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Psychology (Neuroscience), Pre-med

Year in School:  3rd Year

Topics of Special Interest:  Sleep and Mindfulness

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I wanted to share ways to make small changes to better students' lifestyle and create more positivity around campus.



Anneke Carlo PHA

Name and Pronouns: Anneke Carlo, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Exercise Science

Year in School:  4th Year

Why did you want to be a PHA?  I am very passionate about physical health. Being an exercise science major wanting to pursue occupational therapy, physical health is super important to me. Physical and mental health go hand in hand. We can't take care of one without taking care of the other.


Amelia El-Mahdy


Name and Pronouns: Amelia El-Mahdy, She/Her/Hers

Major:  Cell and Molecular Biology

Year in School:  3rd Year

Topics of Special Interest:  Health inequality, food deserts

Why did you want to be a PHA?  To be able to educate my peers about health issues around campus as well as become knowledgeable myself about issues in the community that I can continue to address as I continue my path as a pursuing physician.

Bobby Fogle PHA


Name and Pronouns: Bobby Fogle, He/Him/Hiss

Major:  Cell and Molecular Biology

Year in School:  3rd Year

Topics of Special Interest:  Physical and Mental Well-Being

Why did you want to be a PHA?  To meet and help others