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John Carroll University Peer Health Advocates are students committed to promoting healthy choices and lifestyles through educating and empowering themselves and their peers on a variety of health-related topics. By providing innovative, creative, and educational programming, outreach, and one-on-one interaction opportunities. Peer Health Advocates will serve as a resource, referral agent, and role model for their peers.

Here is a full list of current Peer Health Advocates!

Through training and group dynamic development, the Peer Health Advocate will learn to take care of their own wellness, deal appropriately with stress, and increase leadership skills. Peer Health Advocates are expected to provide their peers with information to make healthy, informed decisions regarding health and well-being. Peer Health Advocates are aware of health-based initiatives at JCU and are committed to living healthy lifestyles themselves. They are aware of campus resources and are comfortable in promoting healthy relationships and substance-free activities.

Peer Health Advocates are trained through a two part process. The first segment is a general introduction to presenting, theories, and well-being concepts. The second segment is specific to the concentration of the PHA. This can be either relational, behavioral, or physical. To apply to be a Peer Health Advocate, fill out the application below.

Being a Peer Health Advocates is a year long commitment. All Peer Health Advocates will earn $8.55 an hour.

Below is a more full list of all responsibilities and expectations.

  • Attending and being enthusiastic, engaged and thoughtful participation in bi-weekly Peer Health Advocate meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm.
  • Attend small group meetings on the off weeks.
  • Plan and facilitate 4 programs each semester
  • Promote events, raise awareness, and be a leader and role model on campus.
  • Participating in and the organizing of campus-wide as well as organization specific programs related to health topics
  • Attendance all day semesterly trainings in September and January.
  • Providing information, resources, programming, peer advice and visibility to peers.
  • Creating awareness of presence in Res Halls (where you live, how you can be accessed, what you do, what the Peer Health Advocate program is, etc).
  • Must be a full-time student at John Carroll University.
  • Must have a 2.5+ GPA
  • Must be in good standing academically and judicially.
  • Must have completed and passed AlcoholEdu.
  • Be a role model for responsible and healthy lifestyle choices and enthusiastic about listening to peers and offering advice on wellness issues and stress-relief .
  • Must be non-judgmental, responsible, reliable, and act as a resource to students.
  • Must possess strong verbal skills and the desire to interact with and present information to peers.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work with individuals and groups in a leadership capacity.

Applications will open in early Spring 2020.  Specific dates are TBD.

*The above timeline is tentative to change, please contact, with any specific questions.

To request a program please email at least 2 weeks before the date of the program.  


Relational Programming

Living Better Together/Conflict Management
Description: Covers ideal conflict scenarios, how to proceed safely through a conflict, shame, and mindfulness. 
Time: 30-40 minutes 

Bystander Intervention for Sexual Assault
Description:  About 20% of students report having been harassed or assaulted since coming to John Carroll.  This program will help you identify the warning signs of these issues so you know better how to prevent, respond, and report.
Time: 60 minutes

Piece by Piece (trauma informed care)
Description:  When someone close to us experiences trauma it can be difficult to know the best way to support them.  This program uses an activity to help us understand how the brain responds in trauma, and how we can respond to support those around us.
Time:  30-45 minutes

One Love Training
Description: Understanding healthy vs. unhealthy relationship behaviors, how to help a friend who is experiencing relationship violence, consent and campus resources. 
Time: 90 minutes

Sex Pizza
Description:  The way many understand sex is through the baseball analogy, which can be problematic.  This program brings up a new framework to understand sex, and intimacy as a whole.
Time:  30 minutes

Behavioral Programming

Beer and Burritos
Description: Discussion surrounding safer alcohol consumption, BAC, Tolerance, and goals for a successful night out. 
Time: 45-60 minutes

Safe Party Planning
Description:  When you decide to host people and have alcohol present, there are some risks involved.  This program will help you understand how to reduce those risks, help others be safer, and know what to do if you need to get additional help.
Time: 45-60 minutes

Bystander Intervention for Mental Health
Description:  Within the last year, the majority of John Carroll Students have felt overwhelmed by all they have to do, very lonely, or very sad.  They don’t always know where to turn in moments of need and this program will help you know how to help them and what to look for.
Time: 60 minutes

Addiction 101
Description:  Through videos and discussion, this program will help frame addiction as a disease, dispel some myths, and talk about how to support those that struggle with addiction.
Time: 30 minutes

Bystander Intervention for Alcohol and other Substances
Description:  The vast majority of students will have tried alcohol before they graduate.  This program will focus on alcohol, as well as other substances, and help you know when to tell if they have had too much, if they use too often, as well as how to help.
Time: 60 minutes

Peer Body Project
Description:  A four part series in which you will have an opportunity to engage in conversations and practice skills that help you learn to spend less time trying to change your body and more time developing a shared commitment to body acceptance.
Time:  Meeting 4 times for 60 minutes each

Sober Monitor Training
Description:  If you are hosting an event with alcohol, this program will help train those that are charged with keeping your event safe.  We will work through different scenarios to know what to look for, how to get people help, and how to keep everyone on the same page.
Time: 45-60 minutes

Physical Programming

Sleep Education
Description: Discussion surrounding how your sleep patterns impact your ability to reach your academic, social, and wellness goals. 
Time: 30-40 minutes

Destress Activities
Description:  Sometimes you need to find time to just relax and renew.  You can choose from activities on time management and renewal versus rest as well as have tea, therapy dogs, aromatherapy, make heating pads, and paraffin wax spas.
Time: Variable

Nutrition 101
Description:  Knowing what to eat to stay healthy is hard when there are so many opinions out there.  In this program we will walk you though how to figure out what a good diet for you looks like and dispel some myths.
Time: Variable

Other/General Programming

This is My Story
Description:  Brene Brown said "Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do."  This program explores the stories we tell about ourselves and others, how to better understand them, and how to not let them define us.
Time:  60 minutes

Conquering College
Description:  College is hard!  This program will discuss our expectations of college and how that impacts our experience.  We will also talk about how strong relationships are formed and practice that skill.
Time: 45 minutes

Eyes and Ears Training 
Description:  The program will help you know how to handle disclosures of sexual misconduct as well as mental health issues.  It can be customized to just one issue or the other. This may change the length of the program. This is targeted at student employees, but is applicable to all student groups.
Time: 45-75 minutes

Bringing Wellness into Standards Boards
Description:  Standard and Honor Boards often deal with issues around personal wellness.  We can train your board to learn how to be more restorative as well as raise awareness around what kind of sanctions might work best to help your members.
Time: 30-90 minutes

Description:  Sometimes people are given a false choice between being healthy, and being a man/masculine.  Rather than seeing masculinity as something we need to change, our focus is to help us use what it means to be a man to strengthen our relationships, and take better care of ourselves and each other.  We utilize the acronym LIFT standing for leverage, insight, freedom, and truth, which help lay out the path to do this.
Time: 60-90 minutes

The Man Box
Description:  Often men are pushed into boxes of what it means to be a “man.”  The program talks about the pressures of being a man and the impact these pressures.
Time:  30-60 minutes