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Parking Permit General Information
  • A hang tag and validation sticker is issued with the first permit applied for.
  • A student may register only one vehicle, and may not register the vehicle of another student.
  • Parking permits are not transferable between persons.
  • Do NOT discard your hang tag.  The cost to replace the hang tag is $50 plus the cost of the Fall 2019 permit.  A new validation sticker will be provided to those that currently have a hang tag.  Any student applying for their first Parking Permit will obtain a hang tag along with a validation sticker.
  • The parking permit number identifies ​your​ vehicle. If a permit is lost or stolen and you want to park in campus lots, you ​must ​purchase another permit at the regular price.
  • If a student obtains a new vehicle, please call the JCU Parking Office (216-397-2277), or email​ to provide the new vehicle information.
  • Student Parking Permits will not be mailed.
  • The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space.
  • The permit remains the property of JCU, and may be revoked at any time at the discretion of either JCUPD or the Dean of Students Office.
Permit Types for Students

The permit definitions and parking fee information (price per semester) are below.

  • Resident Junior and Senior Permit:

    • JCU juniors and seniors residing in JCU residence halls.
    • $150 for the semester and $300 for the academic year
  • Green Road Resident Permit:

    • JCU sophomores (with 30 to 59 credit hours) and freshmen residing in JCU residence halls who are required to park at the Green Road Annex . (There will be a lottery if more than 100 freshman resident students apply for this permit)​Shuttle service is provided between the Green Road Annex to the JCU RecPlex. *​After 5 PM on Friday until 7 AM on Monday the car may park on the main campus in student spaces only.
    • $150 for the semester and $300 for the academic year
  • JCU Commuter Permit for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors:

    • The permit allows the students listed above to park their vehicle in student spaces ​at all times.​ This permit is valid from 7 AM until 3 AM daily.
    • $150 for the semester and $300 for the academic year
  • Freshmen Commuter (BP Lot):

    • Freshmen living with parents or guardians and commuting to campus. This permit is valid from 6 AM until 1 AM. The permit is valid only for parking at the designated BP Lot during the week.
    • *​After 5 PM on Friday until 7 AM on Monday the car may park on the main campus in student spaces only.
    • $150 for the semester and $300 for the academic year
  • Evening Permit:

    • Evening graduate students or other JCU students who attend only evening classes. This permit is valid from 3 PM until 3 AM daily.
    • $60 for the semester and $120 for the academic year
  • Graduate Assistant Permits:

    • Please go the Employee Permit section for information regarding Graduate Assistant Permits.
  • Temporary Permit: $2/day

    • A student may purchase a temporary parking permit at a cost of $2 a day and will be issued for a period no longer than ten business days. Circumstances justifying a temporary permit would include a substitute vehicle brought to campus while repairs are made on the primary vehicle, or having the car on campus for just a few days for interviews/appointments. The temporary permit is not to be used in lieu of purchasing an actual parking pass for the semester.

* Permits purchased after the midpoint of the semester will cost 1⁄2 the amount of the semester permit.

Freshmen Parking Permit Information

A.Freshmen Residents​ will have two weeks to apply for their Resident Permit. The time to apply will start the 4th Monday of July at 9:00 AM (when student resident/commuter status is confirmed and loaded into Banner) through the first Monday of August at 5 p.m. Should more than 100 students apply, a "lottery" will be used to select the 100. Those selected and those not selected will be notified by the end of the first week of August. The process to grant parking for those with exceptional circumstances is:

  1. The student will contact the JCU Parking Office in person, by phone (216-397-2277), or email ( asking for an exception.
  2. The student will be asked to provide, in writing, the rationale for the exception. Exceptions may be granted for work or internship requirements, family situations, medical condition, or other situations that necessitate the student having a vehicle on campus.

If the request is due to a medical condition, the student must first contact the

  1. Student Accessibility Office at 216-397-4967 or​ .
  2. If the request is due to a job; a copy of the student’s class schedule and letter
  3. from the employer is required. The letter should include the company name, supervisor’s name and phone number, and the specific days and hours the student will be working.
  4. Family or other situations must be explained and rationale and/or documentation may be requested.
  5. The Parking Coordinator, in conjunction with the Director/Chief of JCUPD, may seek further information or clarification , and may consult with other University staff if needed. All information shared will be kept confidential.
  6. The student will be notified, in writing, of the decision.

B. ​Freshmen Commuters​ may apply beginning the 4th Monday of July at 9 AM. There is no cut off date for the Freshmen Commuters to purchase a permit.