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All honors students have the option of completing an Honors Project, which entails independent study and research under the direction of a faculty advisor. Approval of the advisor, of the director of the Honors Program, and of the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences is required. Students are encouraged to use a research project, done within their major, to complete their Honors Project If no course is available in the major, students may also complete their Honors Project by enrolling in HP 450 on a pass/fail basis. For details about the Honors Project, please see the following links:

I. Getting Started — take a look at these documents first.

II. Writing Your Proposal

  • Proposal Guidelines
  • Having trouble getting traction on your proposal? HP 349, the 1-credit Honors Project proposal-writing course will assist in this endeavor. This is offered every semester.

III. Submitting Your Proposal

III. Submitting Your Final Project

IV. Disseminating Your Research

  • All Honors Projects must be disseminated publicly in order to meet program requirements. Most students choose to present their work at JCU’s annual academic conference, Celebration of Scholarship, in mid-April. Others choose to publish their work in academic journals or present at conferences in their discipline.
  • All Honors Program seniors must complete a “dissemination intent form.”