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Content Marketing Certificate

Content marketing is one of the most in-demand skills for marketing and communication professionals to succeed in a growing digital workplace. The Content Marketing Certificate is designed for students who want to expand their understanding of content creation and who’d like to explore a range of tools and strategies for generating brand awareness, increasing audience engagement, and creating effective communications across emerging media channels and platforms.

Students will examine the fundamentals of branding, storytelling, copywriting, design, and production to better understand the foundations of content creation across media. Whether you work in digital marketing or need to gain expertise in the field, this certificate will help expand your knowledge and help you advance in your career.


Offering convenient online classes, this three-course graduate certificate program is shorter and more flexible than a typical master’s degree. Working professionals can continue in their current careers, greatly increasing their digital marketing knowledge by developing forward-thinking skills they can apply immediately.




  • The certificate program consists of three required courses (9 credits total).
  • With three seven-week courses, this certificate can be completed in about six months.
  • This certificate is part of a projected three certificate series that will be stackable into a Master's degree.

Content Marketing Certificate Highlights

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Why a Content Marketing Certificate from JCU?

Content marketing is a fast-growing field with a demand for more versatile digital marketing professionals. In this three-course certificate program, you will advance your career by exploring strategies for creating effective branding content across media. With flexible seven-week courses, you will gain the hands-on experience employers are looking for, and learn practical skills to help you stand out.

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Learning Goals

  1. Apply appropriate criteria (e.g. communication theory, communication objectives, research data) to evaluate brand messages and marketing content.
  2. Understand and apply fundamental storytelling techniques.
  3. Develop and refine strategies for creating effective communications across media channels and platforms.
  4. Understand how media channel and platform influence effective media writing.
  5. Explain fundamental principles of design and production techniques. Critique work based on these principles.
  6. Create content and provide appropriate explanation and reasoning behind creative decisions.
  7. Integration and application of concepts.
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Branding and Content Strategy (3 credits)

Digital Brand Storytelling Through Content (3 credits)

Writing Across Platforms (3 credits)