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Trying to find a course approved for Core credit? There are nearly 700 courses and course experiences across the curriculum that are approved for Core credit in various categories.

To see a full list of all courses approved for Core credit, please click here.

The following list contains all the approved Linked Courses for the Core. For current semester offerings and course descriptions, please see Banner Web.

American Film and Writing:
COMM American Film
EN Major American Writers

EN Captives and Castaways in the Atlantic World
HS Atlantic World to 1700

Beat Generation:
AH Beat Generation and the Rise of the 60s
EN Beat Generation and the Rise of the 60s

Biology and Literature Consciousness:
BL Biology of Sleep and Consciousness
EN Visionary Literature

Chemistry of Food & The Global Table:
CH Molecular Gastronomy: The Chemistry of Food
IC Food in Film and Culture: The Global Gendered Banquet

Child Psychopathology in America:
HS US History
PS Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

HS History of Childhood in America
PS Child Development in Context

Communication + Writing:
COMM Interpersonal Communication
EN Major American Writers

AH Visual Culture of Don DeLillo
EN Fiction of Don DeLillo

EN Literature of the British Empire
HS Empire of the Paper: The Spanish Colonial Empire

Energy and Entrepreneurship:
CH Energy, An Important Commodity
ER Creativity, Innovation, Idea Development

BL Climate Change in North America
EN American Environmental Literature

Ethics & Aesthetics:
AH Aesthetics & Ethics in Contemporary Art
TRS Ethics and Moral Imagination

CH Forensic Chemistry/Chemistry of Poisons
EN Detective Fiction

Forensics of Wrongful Conviction:
CH Forensic Biochemistry
PO Wrongful Convictions

Game of Thrones:
EN Introduction to Shakespeare
HS 15th Century England

Gender Issues:
HS Women in the Contemporary World
SC Masculinity in Contemporary Society

History and Memory:
HS History and Memory
PS Sins of Memory

Ideas and Health:
CH Informed Health Decisions
ER Creativity, Innovation & Idea Development

Intro to Inquiry:
CH Introductory Chemistry by Inquiry
PH Introductory Physics by Inquiry

EN Irish Literature and Film
PL The Self in Conflict: Northern Ireland

Islam and Politics:
PO Political Islam
TRS Islam and Islamism

Japanese History & Literature:
EN 288, Japanese Literature in Translation
HS 381, Japanese History

Japanese History & Society:
HS Crisis in Modern Japanese History
SC Japanese Society

BL The Biology of Language
EN Sociolinguistics & Literature

Marketing and Web Design:
CS Intro to Web Design
MK Electronic Business

Media History:
COMM American Electronic Media
HS US History Since 1877

BL Science of Emotion in Literature
EN Melancholy in Literature

BL The Science of Origins
PL The Philosophy of Origins

PL Plato’s Republic
PO Plato’s Republic: Virtue and Order

Pop Culture:
EN Introduction to Popular Culture
PL Philosophy and Popular Culture

Race & Ethnicity in Theatre:
COMM International Theatre
SC Comparative Rce & Ethic Relations

Religious Enthusiasm:
HS Spiritual Awakenings in Early America
TRS Religious Enthusiasm

AH 20th Century European and American Art
HS Italian History 1914-1957

Science & Innovation:
EPA How Things Work
ER Creativity, Innovation & Idea Development

Science & Policy of Climate Change:
COMM Journalism
PH Science of Climate Change

Soul Food:
IC Food for the Soul, Soul Food
TRS Soul Food and Food for the Soul

The Modern Supernatural:
EN The Modern Supernatural
HS The Modern Supernatural

Trauma in Psychology & Literature:
EN Speaking the Unspeakable
PS Psychology of Trauma

WWI in History and Literature:
EN Masters of Western Literature II: World War I
HS World War I & Modernity