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Integrated Core Committee, 2019-2020 AY

Voting Members:

  • Brent Brossmann, Director, CO
  • Brent Brossmann, Oral Presentation, CO
  • Brent Brossmann, Faculty Council Rep, CO
  • Andreas Sobisch, Engaging the Global Community, PO
  • Kristen Tobey, Theology & Religious Studies, TRS
  • Karen Gygli, Creative & Performing Arts, EN
  • Simon Fitzpatrick, Philosophy, PL
  • Tom Pace, Writing & Written Expression, EN
  • Luigi Ferri, Languages, CMLC
  •  Ken Elsinger, Issues in Social Justice, SC
  • Andy Welki, Quantitative Analysis, EC
  • John McBratney, Linked Courses, EN
  • Desmond Kwan, Science Distribution Courses, CH
  • Marcus Gallo, Humanities Distribution Courses, HS
  • Rich Clark, Social Science Distribution Courses, SC

Ex Officio Members:

  • Todd Bruce, Director of Assessment
  • Maria Marsilli, Associate Dean, CAS
  • Peter Kvidera, Dean, CAS
  • Michael Martin, Associate Dean, CAS
  • Nevin Mayer, Coordinator of Instruction, Grasselli Library
  • Michelle Millet, Director, Grasselli Library
  • Michelle Reynard, Registrar
  • Maryclaire Moroney, Assistant Provost, Academic Advising
  • Carlo DeMarchi, Assistant Dean, Academic Advising

Support Staff:

  • Kellie Schwabl, Administrative Assistant to the Core, Department of History, and The Institute of Catholic Studies