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Pre-Law Advising Program

The Pre-Law Advising Program at John Carroll University offers unique opportunities, resources, and guidance for students interested in pursuing a law oriented academic path. Even if you are as of yet ambivalent about pursuing a law path, there are ways in which you can plan for this possibility without declaring your intentions. If you are confident in your decision to attend law school, then there are supplemental ways through which you may arrive at law school. Wherever you stand in relation to your future, we encourage you to visit with Dr. Elizabeth Stiles ( or x4311), John Carroll's Pre-Law Advisor. Our purpose is to help maximize your time at John Carroll, ensuring that your journey towards law school is thorough, personalized, and memorable. There are no requirements to join the Pre-Law Advising Program, and all John Carroll students are welcome.

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Get There Faster

The 3+3 Law Program is an accelerated JD program that allows students to obtain a bachelor's degree from John Carroll as well as a Juris Doctor degree from CWRU School of Law in six years as opposed to the traditional seven years. Incoming freshmen and juniors may apply.


3+3 Dual Admission Law Program

You will obtain a bachelor’s degree from John Carroll, followed by a J.D. from Case Western Reserve University in six years.

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