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Pursuing a law career is both an exciting and intricate undertaking. Even as undergraduates, students must begin to form their path towards law school. Their efforts must include more than just outstanding grades, as law schools take into account their applicants’ accomplishments not only as students but also as individuals. At a glance, the future and the way to get there may seem exacting. You will find, however, that time and support are plentiful.

Even if you are as of yet ambivalent about pursuing a law career, there are ways in which you can plan for this possibility without declaring your intentions. If you are confident in your decision to attend law school, then there are supplemental ways through which you may arrive at law school. Wherever you stand in relation to your future, John Carroll University’s Pre-Law Advising Program is here to lend a helping hand.

Our Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Stiles, will be your first source of information and guidance. For those of you just getting started, Dr. Stiles can describe the law school application process, which is unique to the law discipline. Once you have a general understanding of what law schools require and prioritize, Dr. Stiles can then help you personalize a plan towards law school, including advice on which extra-curricular activities or internships would best benefit you. When the time eventually comes for you to condense your undergraduate experience into a law school application, Dr. Stiles will again be available to give you feedback.

The Pre-Law Advising Program also offers: LSAT prep book rentals, LSAT mock tests, LSAT prep seminars, and alumni support.

Joining John Carroll’s Pre-Law Advising Program is an easy first step towards law school. Enrolling in the program is free, and all are welcome.


Applying to the Pre-Law Advising Program at John Carroll University will grant you access to all of our services, and it will help you stay up-to-date on all of our events. There are no prerequisites to join; simply fill out the form below, and you will be on your way.

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