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JCU Jr. - Malia McAndrew

Follow in the Footsteps of the Suffragettes

Kids will learn more about the origins of the women's suffrage movement, the individuals who helped make the ratification of the 19th Amendment a reality, and why it is so important to recognize this milestone today.

JCU JR - Carl Walz

Exploring Space with a NASA Astronaut

Join Col. Carl Walz '79G (USAF Ret.) as he shares his experiences about flying on four NASA Space Shuttle Missions and his time in the Interational Space Station.

Steven Herbert - Florida Manatee

Manatees - Peaceful Giants of the Caribbean

Join Steven Herbert, Ph.D., provost & academic VP at JCU as we learn more about the gentle giants. During his tenure at Xavier University, Dr. Herbert helped found the Midwest Manatee Research Project, which studied the behavior of the Florida manatee.

Chelsea McTigue - Cookies

Baking for Kids

Join Chelsea McTigue '14, '16G, avid baker and member of the JCU Alumni Relations team, as she shares tips and insights into making delicious cookies with your kids.

JCU Jr. Metres

Poetry for Kids

Join poet and one of JCU's preeminent scholars, Philip Metres, Ph.D. as he explores the wonders of creative writing and poetry for children.

JCU Jr. - Mark Warner

Chemistry for Kids

Kids love science, they especially love seeing chemistry come to life. Join Mark Waner, Ph.D. '91 as he shares some of his favorite experiments to do with kids.

JCU Jr Graduate

Become a JCU Jr. Graduate

The JCU Jr. Activity Book allows kids the opportunity to continue learning about a the topics addressed in JCU Jr. . Kids who complete the required number of activities/games will receive a special certificate & a special sticker.