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Transferology allows you to enter your previous and current course work into a free user account to see which courses will earn you credit at JCU.

Note if a course is not in Transferology this does not mean it does not transfer, it means we need to review it for a transfer equivalency. This extra step ensures that you get the best evaluation for the transfer work.

To access Transferology

  1. Create a free Transferology account.
  2. Enter the school you are currently attending or have attended under “School Name.”
  3. Under “Taken,” enter which term and year the course was taken.
  4. Under “Department,” enter the department/subject of the course.
  5. Then select the correct course from the list provided by clicking the green plus sign.
  6. Continue this process until all courses have been uploaded.
  7. Click “Find School That Accepts My Coursework” button.
  8. Find John Carroll University in the list and click on the percentage to see the evaluation at JCU.

Note: If the course has the evaluation of TRAN CRED this does not mean the course does not transfer, it simply means that it has to be reviewed further.