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Congratulations and welcome to the John Carroll University Class of 2025! John Carroll is a Jesuit Catholic institution filled with many traditions, one of which is our orientation program for first-year students.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, students will have a choice in how they participate in New Student Orientation sessions this summer: 

1) A two-day, overnight experience on the JCU campus; or

2) A two-day, online experience through the use of Zoom and JCU's Canvas Learning Management System.

We look forward to welcoming our newest members of the JCU community, as orientation is a unique opportunity for students and families to get acquainted with John Carroll. Students will learn important information about the JCU experience and meet fellow classmates as well as older JCU students. This will allow them to see John Carroll in a whole new light, learning what to expect both socially and academically.

Parents can also benefit from the program, whether this is the first or last child going to college, by engaging with several University administrators and learning more about the resources available at JCU.

Participating in the orientation program will give students a head start on a successful, enjoyable college experience, making the transition in August less hectic and much easier. We strongly encourage both students and parents to start your John Carroll experience by taking advantage of all it has to offer. Enjoy the rest of your senior year, and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

**Please note that due to pandemic capacity restrictions, if a student selects an on-campus Orientation session, they are only permitted to bring up to two support people with them.

Student Fee

There will be two different fees based on the Orientation experience that you select:

  • The fee for the on-campus Orientation experience will be $325 per student;
  • The fee for the virtual Orientation experience will be $200 per student.

The Orientation fee covers advising and registration fees, student staffing, Streak Week activities in August, and other program costs (for all students) as well as meals for the student and a guest during the on-campus experience and housing for the student. 

The orientation fee will appear on your fall tuition bill, which will be mailed to you in July.

The estimated start time for Day 1 will be approximately 9:30 - 10:30a while the end time on Day 2 will be approximately 1:00 - 2:00p.

Details regarding the specific start and end times can be found on this website, under "Program Schedule".

*Please note that due to pandemic restrictions, the two-day schedule may be altered as necessary.



On June 1, all students who are registered for a New Student Orientation session will be sent an email to their JCU email addresses with instructions for taking the required online foreign language placement exam in the language(s) they studied in high school. Students will be expected to complete the exam by June 23.

The placement test will help our academic advisors determine which language class is appropriate for each student, and should be taken seriously to ensure proper placement. Students who do well on this exam and subsequently place into a higher-level language course may reduce their number of semesters of foreign language study.

Also, please note that without the results of this test students will not be able to register for their required foreign language courses.

Questions regarding the language placement exam can be sent to Alexandra Shaeffer at

Students will also need to complete the English Directed Self-Placement Questionnaire prior to their New Student Orientation session. Students can access questionnaire in their JCU Gateway. 


Students who select to attend a two-day, on-campus Orientation session will be provided with a single occupancy room in one of John Carroll's air-conditioned residence halls. Bedding and linens are provided in each room, but students are encouraged to bring an additional pillow and blanket for increased comfort.


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer on-campus accommodations for parents this summer. For a listing of local hotels, please visit 


NOTE: For any students attending the August 23/24 Orientation, please note that on-campus housing accommodations are only provided for students who will be living on campus for the fall semester. On-campus students will be moving into their assigned fall space on Sunday, August 22 from 9:00am - 1:00pm (further information will be sent from the Office of Residence Life). Students who are commuting will attend the first day of the Orientation session, head home to sleep, and then return to campus for the second day of the program.

Free parking is available in the main lot off of Belvoir Rd. for students and guests during their Orientation session.


All visitors to campus will be required to follow the JCU campus protocols for COVID-19, which follow the guidelines issued by the Ohio Department of Health.

All campus spaces are receiving enhanced cleaning, including the spaces in residence halls during and between sessions.


Upon arrival on campus for New Student Orientation, students will be required to meet with our Health Center staff for one of three options:

  1. To confirm that they have submitted proof of full vaccination. Full vaccination is achieved 14 days after receiving your final dose of the vaccine;
  2. To show proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to the student arriving on the JCU campus; or
  3. To take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test on the spot. Students will need to wait approximately 10 minutes for the results to come back. Please note that if the result comes back positive for COVID-19, the student will not able to participate in that two-day Orientation session.

Students who successfully complete one of these three steps will then be permitted to check in and receive their Orientation.

**We are encouraging all incoming students to receive the COVID-19 vaccination

In return for turning in a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card to the Student Health Center, you will receive a $15 Panera gift card.

Here are 3 options for turning in your vaccination card to the Student Health Center:

1.       Take a picture of your vaccination card with your phone and email it to;

2.       Bring a hard copy to Orientation and give it to the Health Center staff who are checking you in;

3.       Upload the information in your electronic medical record.  Here's the link  (Go to Upload section, select Immunization record and choose the picture of your vaccine card.)

 After you turn in your vaccination information, within 2-3 days you will receive an email from the Student Health and Wellness Center with a redemption code good for $15 from Panera.  This incentive will continue throughout the summer!


The faculty and staff at John Carroll take the selection of courses for your first semester of college very seriously and we look forward to engaging you in a process that best supports your academic success.

There are two steps to the course registration process this summer:

  1. The first step occurs during New Student Orientation and is designed to help you gain an understanding of the JCU Core curriculum and your potential major, as well as how to utilize the resources used in advising and course selection;
  2. The second step is an individual advising appointment in July with your faculty advisor to finalize your fall schedule, after you have had time to fully explore your options.

 On the second day of New Student Orientation, you will attend a general academic advising overview in the academic area in which you are interested. Faculty from those disciplines will present an overview of the basic academic information you need, followed by a Q & A session. The academic areas are:

  1. Business;
  2. Humanities and Social Sciences;
  3. STEM; or
  4. Education

(Information regarding which majors fall under each area will be communicated to students prior to this session)

 You will also find that you have been pre-registered for 2 to 3 courses prior to New Student Orientation, with at least one course that is required for all first-year students as well as a course in your indicated major or one that fulfills a JCU Core Curriculum requirement (if you are undecided about a major area of study).

 You then will leave your New Student Orientation session with an assignment to research and develop a list of the additional courses you are interested in taking.  You will have this list ready for your individual advising appointment with a faculty advisor in July. This is your academic journey and we want to make sure you have the time and tools needed to create a fall schedule that will increase your chances of getting your college career off to a successful start.

 PLEASE NOTE: Shortly after your New Student Orientation session, you will be contacted to sign up for an individual advising appointment with a faculty member. These advising appointments will take place July 8 -21 and will be conducted remotely using Zoom. During this appointment, your faculty advisor will work with you to design and finalize a schedule to meet your academic needs and start you on a successful path. At the end of that appointment you also will have the opportunity to officially declare your major if you are ready to do that.

We look forward to working with you!

Questions about the course registration process? Please contact the Academic Success Center at or 216-397-4219

***PLEASE NOTE: If you are registered for the August 23/24 Orientation session, the process for finalizing your fall semester course schedule will be different, based on the COVID-19 protocols at that time. Detailed information will be sent to all students who are registered for that session at a later date.


All incoming students are required to submit a headshot online for their Carroll Card. In the picture, students must be facing forward, cannot be wearing a cap or hat, and need to use a neutral background. Your picture can be submitted here

We encourage all of our students and their families to schedule an individual appointment with one of our Student Enrollment and Financial Services (SEFS) staff members to review their financial aid and have any billing questions answered.

Upon the completion of your orientation session, students will receive an email from our SEFS staff with the details on how to schedule a virtual appointment for the student and parents. 


Streak Week brings first-year students to campus a few days early so that they can continue to get oriented to university life and to learn invaluable skills to succeed in college without the rush of classes. Therefore, it is important that all students, both commuter and resident, attend all of the programmatic sessions during the weekend. There will be a mix of in-person and virtual activities offered.

Resident students will receive notice from the Office of Residence Life regarding the process for moving into your room. Commuters will meet at a designated time and have a chance to get to know the rest of the first-year commuters as well as the resident students.

Meals will be provided during this time. If you have any questions, please call the Office of Orientation at 216.397.1983. Visit the Streak Week website.

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