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Student Government Newsletter

President Goodman’s Speech – Ignation Heritage Week

In Memoriam, Dalton Robert Bacco

Weekly Newsletter:

Week of 1/29/17

Week of 2/5/17

Week of 2/12/17

Week of 2/19/17

Week of 2/26/17 and 3/12/17 (Combined Due to Spring Break)

Week of 3/19/17 (Meeting Cancelled Due to Weather)

Week of 3/26/17

Week of 4/2/17 (Meeting Cancelled Due to Boler School Event)

As of Fall Semester 2017, we have converted to sending out 2 emails a semester to all students from the office of the Student Government President. We no longer produce weekly documents.

Approved Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 Student Union Budget

Here you can find past issues of the Student Government newsletter, sorted from most recent to oldest. Please contact your Vice President for Communications (Corbyn Martz, if you have any questions regarding the Student Union Newsletter!


Student Activity Fee

What is the Student Activity Fee?
The Student Activity Fee (SAF) is charged to all full-time undergraduate students of John Carroll University on a semester basis. This fee provides for numerous activities that directly benefit students, including, but not limited to, programs, services, student facility improvements, and events. These activities enrich the student experience, build community, and encourage students to live out the Jesuit mission to lead and serve.

SAF Allocation Committee
The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee (SAFAC) meets on a regular basis throughout the year to coordinate the SAF allocation process and to review SAF policies, allocations and procedures. SAFAC presents recommendations regarding all matters pertaining to the SAF to the Student Union senate for approval. Once approved by the senate, the recommendations are presented to the vice president for student affairs for final approval. If the recommendation is to increase or decrease the SAF, it must be presented to the JCU Board of Directors for approval.

The Student Government vice president for business affairs and the assistant to the vice president for student affairs will serve as co-chairpersons of SAFAC. The assistant to the vice president for student affairs will not be a voting member of SAFAC and will serve primarily in an advisory role on behalf of the vice president for student affairs. The other members of SAFAC include one Student Union senator, one student-at-large, the director of student activities and another student affairs administrator appointed by the vice president for student affairs.

What does the Student Activity Fee pay for?
Click here to see the various items the SAF funds and see the allocation amounts for FY16.