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March 26, 2021 - National Day of Action and Healing #StopAsianHate - learn how to support and take action here.



Documentaries & Videos


  • Self Evident: Self Evident is where we tell Asian America’s stories to explore what it really means to claim America today. Each episode presents an in-depth story or conversation from specific communities within the Asian diasporas in America.
  • Moonface: A fiction show about a Korean American son (Joel Kim Booster) who wants to come out to his mom (Esther Moon), but can't because they don't speak the same language.



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Recent articles from our DEI division staff:

University statements and other materials: 

Prayer and Reflection:


News articles: 


Are you trying to figure out good ways to start the conversation about race and racial justice with people in your life? If this is the first time you have had these conversations, the following resources might help:   


Looking for a book to read to learn more? We've got you covered: 


Podcasts recommended by our community members:



Looking for more? The following resource guides include many films, books, articles and more: 

We have collaborated with the Staff Council Working Parents & Guardians ERG to compile the following resources for children: 

For those processing trauma, grief, or fear because of what is happening in the world, we see you and we support you. Please take advantage of available resources: 

On our Juneteenth Reflection Day this year, what emerged from your own reflection? Share your thoughts with us here

In recognition of Juneteenth this year, our University community was invited to spend part of the day in individual and communal reflection about our society's history and legacy of racism, and how we will move forward as a community. You can read Dr. Johnson's full community message here

The following are a few curated materials that were provided as starting points to guide the day's reflection.

On the history of Juneteenth: 

  • LISTEN -- Happy Juneteenth! -- Episode from June 2018 on the "Today, Explained" podcast from Vox. UCLA's Brenda Stevenson explains the history and meaning of Juneteenth.  
  • READ -- What is Juneteenth? by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.  
  • WATCH -- Juneteenth Jamboree -- Archive of annual programs from PBS in Austin, TX illuminating the significance of the Juneteenth holiday and sharing stories about Black culture and history in a spirit of celebration. 
  • REFLECT -- "Words for You" -- powerful spoken-word piece about Juneteenth from slam poet Ben Aragbaye. 


On whiteness in a racialized society: 

  • LISTEN -- Seeing White -- this series is Season 2 of the popular podcast "Scene on Radio." It features a series of conversations about our society's construction and understanding of whiteness as a racial category. Choose one and dig in. 
  • WATCH -- "Why are White People So Bad at Talking About Race?" (6:29) -- a brief interview with Robin DiAngelo, author of the book White Fragility: Why it's So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism. 
  • READ -- Peggy Macintosh, "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack," 1988 -- a classic text for teaching about privilege. Short reflection about making visible the privileges white skin can confer in a racialized society. 
  • REFLECT -- An Examen for White Allies -- this reflection draws upon the Ignatian custom of praying the daily Examen to draw aspiring white allies into deeper consideration of their role in racial justice. Published June 3 by the Ignatian Solidarity Network. 


Voices and narratives about the experience of racism:  

  • LISTEN -- Come Through with Rebecca Carroll - this podcast series from WNYC features "15 essential conversations on race." Consider particularly Episode 8, "Call it a Lynching," which features Elie Mystal speaking about the murder of Ahmaud Arbery this past February. 
  • READ -- Walking While Black -- by Garnette Cadogan. Literary Hub, 2016. A powerful personal essay about daily life in a city as a Black man. 
  • REFLECT -- Kyla Lacey reads her poem "White Privilege" (3:46) -- powerful spoken-word performance (content warning: strong language)   


(Some of) our faith traditions on racial justice: 


On celebration and joy: 


Films on Kanopy:

All JCU community members have access to the Kanopy streaming digital movie library through Grasselli Library. You can log on and create an account at

When you log on, you will see that there are several films addressing racism in America featured on Kanopy's home page at the moment. A few you might consider: 


Local events: 

  • Karamu House streams "Freedom on Juneteenth."  Friday, June 19th at 7:00 pm. Freedom on Juneteenth is an original theatrical production and artistic response to the recent murders of Black Americans through music, dance and spoken word, produced by the oldest active African American theatre in the nation, Cleveland's own Karamu House. Performance streams on multiple platforms, followed by a live, 30-minute panel discussion and interactive dialogue with community leaders on the recent developments of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. (And look for JCU alum Samantha Cocco '09/'16G in the cast!) 
  • Juneteenth Celebration and Freedom Walk -- Saturday, June 20th, 11 am - 5 pm, Buckeye neighborhood. Sponsored by Buckeye Summer Soul, NAACP of Cleveland, and Neighbor Up Cleveland. 
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