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Graduate and Athletic Assistantships 2021-2022
Please note: Positions are contingent on funding

Graduate Assistants (GA's) play and integral role in the primary function of teaching in the Department of Biology. GA's receive a full waiver of tuition and fees up to 15 credit hours a year as well as a modest stipend, in exchange for work within our department of up to 20 hours a week.

The primary responsibility of each GA is to provide support as a teaching assistant in our laboratory courses, and in the maintenance of laboratory facilities and equipment.

Responsibilities of GA’s in the Department of Biology include:

  • Provide in-class or online instructional support for students and assist instructors in delivering course content; this will include any preparation required to demonstrate knowledge and competency in the subjects being presented in lab (e.g., studying lab material, attending lectures).
  • Providing logistical support outside of regularly scheduled laboratory classes for setup and teardown of weekly laboratories.
  • Preparation and grading of weekly pre-lab and in-class assessment.
  • Assist in preparation, proctoring, set-up/tear-down, and grading of midterm and final exams for lectures and labs.
  • Maintaining 2 office hours (online only) per week for undergraduates to seek assistance with assignments, lab reports, and preparation for examinations, for the lecture and laboratory courses to which the GA is assigned.
  • Provide mentorship for our undergraduates, and to serve as role models for our students.
  • Monitoring and reporting instances of bias to instructors and administration.
  • Maintenance of laboratory equipment and facilities.

Depending upon the course, additional work for GA’s may include:

  • Coordinating work responsibilities with all other GAs assigned to a given section of lab.
  • Preparing detailed dissections of anatomical material to use for in-class observations, quizzes, and examinations (e.g., BL157, BL158, BL160, BL230L, 231L, BL350L).
  • Maintenance and care of live animals used in our laboratories.
  • Maintenance and care of live plants in our greenhouse.
  • Depending upon the laboratory course, GA’s may be required to maintain van certification to drive university vehicles for short-distance transportation during some field-based laboratory courses (e.g., BL160, BL423L/523L, BL424L/524L, BL426L/526L, BL444, BL447L, BL520L, and BL535L).

Depending Due to COVID-19, some GA duties will involve online instruction, support, grading, and office hours. The instructor of your course will provide you with additional information, as it pertains to the specific course(s) you are teaching.

Contact Information
Ralph Saporito, Ph.D.

Graduate Assistant - Guidelines and Responsibilities

  1. Graduate Assistants are not to exceed 20 hours per week and are not required to work at any time when faculty or students are not required to be on campus. Over time hours must be discussed/negotiated with immediate supervisor and approved by Associate Dean for Graduate Programs - Dr. Walter Simmons

  2. Graduate Assistants are governed by the University Academic Calendar. They are not staff. As such, university academic holidays and class schedules must be taken into consideration when assigning work schedules. For example, there are weeks within each semester when Monday may be considered Friday. Graduate Assistants and their supervisors must be aware of those changes and make appropriate plans, including adjustments for the Week of Final Exams.

  3. Graduate Assistants can assist a faculty member with grading of student assignments - pending approval from the department chair. They can assist faculty with research projects, engage in literature searches, and the development of new material for their courses.

  4. Graduate Assistants are required to assist with certain events. These may include but are not limited to the following: Inspired Business Forum, Mellon Series, Boler Professional Development (BPD), Internship and Employment events. The respective department directors will provide a schedule of the time and dates for events.

  5. Graduate Assistants may oversee undergraduate work-study students as it relates to their work on a project, event or research.

  6. Graduate Assistants can provide support for departmental processes related to student recruitment, including contacting prospective students, creation of marketing materials, peer advising/mentoring, conducting campus tours and orientation activities, and delivery of presentations. This will involve working with the appropriate directors and Deans within the BCOB.

Contact Information
Walter Simmons, Ph.D.

Graduate Assistantship in Resident Ministry in Campus Ministry

Position Title:

Graduate Assistant/Resident Minister

Reports To:

Director or Associate Director of Campus Ministry


Graduate Assistant (25 hours/week) - Graduate Student at JCU


The Graduate Assistant/Resident Minister is an important part of the University’s Campus Ministry program and represents the Campus Ministry Department in the Residence Halls. They work in collaboration with their supervisory campus minister to integrate faith with campus social and academic life. They establish an active religious presence in residential areas, and encourage faith development and religious practice in the lives of students. This graduate student serves as a resource for students of all religious traditions and lends support and strength to the programs and activities of the campus ministry department and the residence halls.

Expectations of the Graduate Assistant/Resident Minister:

  • Plan at least one major Campus Ministry program per semester
  • Plan and implement a weekly hall-based program
  • Meet weekly with the Resident Ministry team
  • Meet weekly with the Campus Ministry staff
  • Campus Ministry supervision on a bi-weekly basis
  • Availability for evening and weekend programming
  • Regular presence at JCU dining facilities
  • Area Coordinator check-in on a monthly basis
  • Mandatory training program in August, a mid-year and end of the year evaluation
  • Participate in and help with Sunday worship (6pm or 10pm), and all major university liturgies

Primary Responsibilities

  • To encourage and promote participation in campus ministry activities and justice opportunities
  • To be available to the students in the residence halls on a regular and consistent basis, as well as being a pastoral presence in time of personal crisis
  • To assist in the design and implementation of programs which benefit the moral and spiritual development of students in the residence halls
  • Participate in weekly Campus Ministry and Resident Ministry staff meetings as required
  • Worship with the JCU faith community and serve as a minister of hospitality
  • Co-lead or lead at least one immersion experience (at the discretion of the Campus Ministry staff)
  • Plan and implement First Year retreat experiences
  • Significant contribution to at least one area of campus ministry programming (TBD)
  • Compliance with university rules and regulations
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus Ministry


  • Candidate must live in the Residence Halls
  • Must have completed a Bachelor’s degree
  • Enrollment in graduate school

Reporting Relationships

  • Reports to the Director of Campus Ministry

Contact Information
John Scarano

Graduate Assistant Position Description

Hours and Wages

  • 20 hours per week in exchange for tuition and fees (excluding graduation fee) for up to 15 credit hours per year and a stipend paid twice per month (September-May).


  • Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student.


  • Computer proficiency with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Willingness to learn new computer technology.


Ability to:

  • Plan programs and set priorities.
  • Maintain a professional workspace and office environment.
  • Effectively manage time and meet deadlines.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Personal Characteristics

  • Leadership experience.
  • Strong written and oral communication and presentation skills.
  • Team oriented.
  • Flexible/Adaptable.


  • Meet with students and alumni in a career coaching capacity related to career development and job search strategies.
  • Present workshops on resume writing, job search, interviewing and other career-related topics in support of the Boler College and College of Arts and Sciences Professional Development Programs.
  • Assist the Career Advisor/Event Coordinator in planning and delivering career-related events including job fairs, workshops and special events.
  • Work directly with academic departments, student services offices and student organizations to plan, organize and deliver career programming.
  • Assist in the training of Peer Advisors.
  • Contribute new ideas and fresh perspective to the office in an effort to engage students and provide outreach to all of Career Services’ stakeholders.
  • Contribute to the overall success of career services by performing other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Contact Information
Nikki Marzano

Position Summary

The Center for Digital Media (CDM) Graduate Assistant is often the first point of contact for students, staff, faculty, and guests seeking assistance with multimedia projects. They regularly offer student workshops and other outreach programs designed to promote and demonstrate the use of CDM-supported technologies and equipment. The Graduate Assistant also assists the Faculty Liaison with the management of the CDM, including the routine hiring and supervision of CDM student assistants, the purchase of equipment for checkout and internal use, maintaining and updating of the CDM’s multimedia workstations, and other day-to-day tasks.


Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student.

Preferred Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Enthusiasm, energy, and a desire to learn
  • Ability to provide excellent customer service to students, faculty, staff, and University guests
  • Desire to develop interpersonal, communication, and technical skills
  • Able to follow verbal and written directions
  • Demonstrate good social skills in a professional environment
  • Ability to effectively use computer peripherals such as high-resolution scanners and Wacom tablets
  • Experience with Apple hardware and software
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud apps
  • Experience with VR headsets and controllers
  • Experience with 3D modeling and printing

Contact Information
Jim Burke 

Position Overview:

The graduate assistant for the Center for Service and Social Action assists the Director in providing logistical support for community-engaged placements, service-learning activities and program support including the Carroll Reads Early Literacy Program, the Power Source Program, and the Youth for Justice civic education program.

Primary Job Function and Responsibilities:

  • Provide logistical and operational support and assistance with academic service-learning, student engagement, and faculty outreach at the Center.
  • Assist the team with the start of semester launch, including verifying service activities, compliance requirements, and student registration.
  • Take lead responsibility for coordinating the Carroll Reads Early Literacy Program and Power Source Programs drawing on detailed existing how-to’s.
  • Provide support and assistance with special events and research projects.
  • Assist with orientation and training activities including getting materials ready, taking attendance, working with student leaders.
  • Conduct regular check-ins with student leaders, monitor progress, and bring any issues to the attention to the director.
  • Work on special projects as assigned including research and writing assignments for CSSA, website, newsletter, or annual report as needed.
  • Analyze CSSA semester-end assessment data and program data, prepare assessment reports measuring program effectiveness and identifying implications for program improvement.
  • Fulfill other duties/responsibilities as assigned.

The Carroll Reads Early Literacy Program:

The Carroll Reads Early Literacy Program addresses the needs of literacy intervention among children in grades K3.  It originated as part of the national initiative established by President Clinton in 1996, “America Reads”, designed to ensure that every child learn to read well and independently by the end of third grade.  The G.A. works with the elementary schools in the program and helps coordinate the logistics, training and ongoing needs of the program participants by serving as a resource to the Program Coordinators on site who help guide the students in the schools.

The Power Source Program:

The Power Source program is an emotional literacy program for at-risk youth in correctional facilities helping them discover their own resiliency while building essential skills. Power Source equips adolescents with the social and emotional regulation skills they need to build healthy relationships, break intergenerational cycles of violence, addiction and other high-risk behaviors, and be successful in the workforce. This unique and transformative program is both preventative and rehabilitative.  The G.A.  works with the student leaders assigned to this placement and coordinates the weekly sessions using the step by step program resources and materials provided.

Youth for Justice Program:

The Youth for Justice Program is a classroom-based civic education program for 8th grade children in Cleveland area schools.  JCU student work with eighth grade classrooms in Cleveland to address the question; “How can we use our civil rights to advocate for justice?”  Students follow a weekly curriculum, develop a social justice project and present their outcomes at an end-of the year Summit at JCU.  The G.A. works with the student leaders assigned to this program and provides logistical support and ongoing mentoring.

Contact Information:
Katherine Feely, SND

Hours and Wages

The Counseling Graduate Assistant is expected to work 20 hours per week in exchange for up to 15 credit hours of tuition and fees (excluding graduation fee) for the academic year, and a stipend paid twice per month (September-May).


  • Full-time, matriculated degree-seeking graduate student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or School Counseling.
  • Ability to work 20 hours per week. Hours are negotiable, but must include a mix of afternoon, early evening, and one to two half days on Saturday per semester. Someone working full-time would not be able to meet the requirements for this position.
  • Experience conducting literature reviews.
  • Strong academic writing skills.
  • Familiarity with SPSS or similar program preferred.
  • Applicants need to be flexible, self-motivated, reliable, and able to work on campus during the day when needed.
  • Commitment to and excitement for the field of Counseling.


  • This position involves working closely with Counseling Department faculty and providing service to the department.
  • Work with faculty will be  primarily research oriented. The graduate assistant will assist faculty in all stages of the research process including: completing literature reviews, collecting and organizing data, entering data into computer programs, transcribing interview tapes and reviewing manuscripts.
  • Service to the department may involve a number of different activities depending on the needs of the department. Activities may include: assisting with the admission process, assisting with the activities of the Beta Chi honorary society, communicating with applicants interested in the  program, attendance at group interviews for program applicants, and assistance with the program accreditation process. Responsibilities of being a Beta Chi honorary society officer will not be counted towards the hours required for fulfillment of a graduate assistantship.

Applying for this position

In the statement of purpose, applicants should address:

  • Their counselor identity.
  • Professional reasons for applying for the position.
  • Their skills that meet the needs of the position.
  • Their experience/involvement with research and scholarly writing.

Contact Information
Dr. Nathan Gehlert

Assist professors with scholarship, research and associated responsibilities 

There are currently both full-time and part-time Graduate Assistant positions open. Full-time GAs work 20 hours per week and receive tuition remission for 15 credit hours per year plus a stipend. Part-time GAs work 10 hours per week and receive tuition remission for 6 credit hours per year plus a stipend.


Assist with faculty and departmental scholarship and research. Duties may include:

  • Writing abstracts for conferences,
  • Conducting literature searches,
  • Writing literature reviews or other parts of manuscripts,
  • Designing research
  • Collecting data
  • Analyzing data
  • Identifying appropriate archival materials
  • Finding data or other information online
  • Presenting data (in written or oral form)
  • Overseeing undergraduate research assistants
  • Designing websites and online materials related to research
  • Acting as a liaison between the department and other organizations
  • Coordinating and applying for funding
  • Helping to write grant applications
  • Organizing and maintaining folders, drives, databases that house articles, data, write-ups, etc.
  • Completing IRB forms and maintaining and managing regulatory compliance
  • Coding data or articles for meta-analyses
  • Completing CITI Training
  • Conducting interviews
  • Responding to participant inquiries
  • Conducting field research activities off campus
  • Helping to conduct action research, focus group research, etc...
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Full-time, matriculated graduate student in a degree seeking program
  • Effective verbal, analytical and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks
  • Technology skills: Microsoft office, Canvas, social networking sites
  • Friendly, reliable, and self-motivated
  • Able to maintain confidentiality

Contact Information
Dr. David Shutkin


Graduate Assistants provide crucial professional services in the Department of English, and their positions carry a high level of responsibility and independence. Graduate Assistants are full time students, but their workload also includes responsibilities resembling those of regular faculty members, such as teaching their own courses. Managing this dual identity as student and faculty member is a challenge, but it is central to success in the position.

A Department of English faculty committee selects Graduate Assistants from among a pool of applicants. The process is competitive. Students interested in applying for the position should request application materials from the Office of Graduate Studies.  The selection committee pays special attention to these materials submitted by applicants: 1) academic writing sample, 2) personal statement of the candidate's aims for graduate study, 3) evidence that shows preparation for or promise of effective classroom teaching, 4) two recommendations by former professors.

Graduate Assistants are appointed by the Academic Vice President of the University, on the recommendation of the Department Chair and the Dean of Graduate School, and they typically serve a two-year term in the department. The initial appointment is made for one year, and if the assistant’s work is deemed acceptable, the appointment is renewed for a second year. The decision for reappointment or discontinuation is made by the Department Chair in consultation with the current or acting Director of Writing.


In both years of the assistantship, the university expects Graduate Assistants to devote 20 hours each week to university work during the academic term.  If the assistant finds that considerably more or fewer hours are regularly required for these duties, he or she should consult with the Director of Writing or Department Chair about adjustments to the workload.  Graduate Assistants are reminded that working outside the Department of English without approval of the Department Chair and Office of Graduate Studies is in violation of their contract. Typically, we discourage full-time GAs from working during the school term. With permission, students may work up to 10 hours a week at an outside job, provided it does not interfere with their full-time duties as a graduate assistant.

First Year

  • In the fall term, assist a faculty member(s) in one first-year composition class. The exact duties are assigned by the Coordinator of Teaching for Graduate Assistants; responsibilities typically include attending all class sessions, grading papers, meeting students in conferences, and occasionally teaching a class or part of a class.
  • Tutor ten hours a week in the Writing Center.
  • Work as a Research Assistant. If the Graduate Assistant is assigned to fewer than two sections of composition, the balance of the work may be allocated to work in the Writing Center or research assistance for a faculty member. The exact duties will be assigned by the faculty member, but may include library or internet research, reading and note taking, manuscript preparation, or other professional duties associated with scholarly research. Routine clerical tasks (e.g., photocopying class materials) should not be the primary responsibilities in research assignments.
  • Work as a grader. Graduate Assistants may also be asked to assist a faculty member with the grading in a literature course (usually a 200-level course).
  • Attend training meetings called by the Director of Writing.
  • In the spring term, teach one class of EN 125 and tutor five hours a week in the Writing Center.

Second Year

  • Teach composition courses, or engage in Assessment work, as assigned by the department.  The teaching load for the fall semester is typically two sections of EN 125, and one section during spring semester. However, gaining valuable experience in Assessment by working with Dr. Todd Bruce may swap out for teaching (see The Assessment Experience). The Graduate Assistant has full responsibility for these classes, including selecting textbooks in consultation with the Director of Writing, designing the syllabus in accordance with the departmental guidelines, planning class meetings, and grading the student’s work.
  • Attend in-service training meetings called by the Director of Writing.

Contact Information
Dr. Jean Feerick

The Community Coordinator for Fraternity and Sorority Life is a 20 hour per week, live-on Graduate Assistant position in the Office of Residence Life and Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL). The Community Coordinator is responsible for the management and community development of one residence hall housing eight (7) of the nine FSL letter organizations on campus: sororities: Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta and Kappa Kappa Gamma; fraternities: Beta Theta Pi, Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

We seek a graduate student who: Cares deeply about forming strong relationships and engaging in meaningful experiences with students; Embraces our Catholic and Jesuit identity and will live the mission of our University; is open to new and challenging experiences directed towards professional growth; Is committed to creating and contributing to an inclusive campus community; Maintains high performance and ethical standards of self and others.

Duties and Responsibilities

Residence Life

  • Co-facilitate the monthly Housing Officers meeting with the Community Assistant for Housing Administration.
  • Serve on the on-call professional staff duty rotation in a limited capacity.
  • Lead and develop a community of over 250 students in 7 FSL letter organizations.
  • Directly supervise, develop and evaluate community assistants (CAs). Plan and facilitate weekly staff meetings.
  • Conduct bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with individual CAs.
  • Oversee the planning and implementation of residence hall and FSL community initiatives.
  • Advise and guide CAs on appropriate student and floor interventions.
  • Assist CAs to mediating conflicts between roommates and among residents.
  • Be a resource for and available to students to address needs and concerns.
  • Participate in Office of Residence Life committees, projects, and events as schedule permits.
  • Work closely with the following professional staff members: Area Coordinator for Murphy and Sutowski Halls, Assistant Director of Residence Life for Housing Operations and Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs (AVPSA) and Fraternity and Sorority Life Advisor.
  • Perform occasional evening and weekend responsibilities.
  • Co-facilitate the monthly Housing Officers meeting with the Community Assistant for Housing Administration.
  • Serve on the on-call professional staff duty rotation in a limited capacity.

Fraternity and Sorority Life

  • Assist the AVPSA to advise the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Council (PC).
  • Attend IFC and PC executive board and general meetings in rotation with the (A to the VPSA).
  • Assist the (AVPSA) to advise major fraternity and sorority events such as:  Formal Recruitment, Informal Recruitment, educational leadership development programming, and Greek Week.
  • Assist with program evaluation and assessment of student learning, programmatic and service initiatives.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Prior experience in or with inter/national fraternities and sororities
  • Strong oral and written communication and critical thinking skills
  • Possess values aligned with the mission and identity of John Carroll University

Preferred Qualifications

  • Prior residence life experience
  • Prior supervisory experience

Physical Requirements

Primary functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in an office setting; to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time; to occasionally stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, reach, and twist; to lift, carry, push, and/or pull light to moderate amounts of weight; to operate office equipment requiring repetitive hand movement and fine coordination including use of a computer keyboard; to travel to other office locations and to verbally communicate to exchange information.    

Contact Information
Mary Ann Hanicak

Brendan Dolan

General Position Description:

The Institutional Effectiveness GA will primarily complete assigned projects that support the work of the office (e.g., program review, assessment of student learning, data analysis and reporting, strategic planning support, survey administration, and data governance).  Specific tasks may include quantitative and qualitative data analysis, management of assessment logistics, attendance at committee meetings, and other tasks as assigned.

Responsibilities for the Academic Year*

  • Website management;
  • Data entry and support for institutional effectiveness:  Fact Book, IPEDS, related external and internal data requests.
  • Analysis of student learning and survey data;
  • Support for strategic planning, development of benchmarks and dashboard indicators for institutional performance and policies;
  • Management of logistics for policies, assessment of student learning, and student evaluation of teaching;

Anticipated Work Schedule:

Twenty hours per week, days and times to be determined.


  • Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student at JCU
  • Familiarity with all MS Office applications
  • Familiarity with quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • Website management software
  • Good communication skills
  • Confidentiality

Reports to:

Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment

*For Graduate Assistants, the academic year consists of two semesters, fall and spring.  The fall semester begins the Thursday before classes begin and ends on the last day of class. The spring semester begins on the Friday before classes begin and ends on the last day of class.

Contact Information
Robert Bruce

Job Summary: Graduate Assistant – Sports Information 

  • Reporting to the Assistant Athletic Director - Operations and the Sports Information Director, the graduate assistant will assist with all duties relating to the day-to-day operations of the Sports Information Department.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist with gameday coverage of the 23 varsity sports at John Carroll.
  • Keep regular office hours during the week.
  • Serve as a statistician, inputting or calling stats during games.
  • Manage in-game and postgame delivery to coaches, as well as ensuring stats are up-to-date on the website.
  • Write game recaps and feature stories for
  • Help with maintenance and upkeep of 
  • Assist with athletics research online and through print materials.
  • Write and edit game notes, gameday program, and media guides.
  • Provide help with photography as needed.
  • Able to broadcast events or help with PA announcing if needed. 
  • Lead student sports information department employees, delegating when necessary and serving as a mentor to the students. 
  • Assist with social media coverage on gamedays and non-gamedays, helping to come up with creative ideas and executing them. 
  • Develop and maintain good communication with student workers; utilize effective motivational strategies.
  • Cultivate good rapport with coaches, student-athletes, athletics staff, and other offices on campus.
  • Develop an effective working relationship with the media, opposing SIDs, the Blue Gold club, etc. 
  • Other duties as assigned. 

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of NCAA stats programs and software.
  • Previous experience in both calling and inputting stats. 
  • Working knowledge of pertinent software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign).
  • Effective communicator, both in writing and verbally. 
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Close attention to detail.
  • Able to work independently as well as being able to supervise and be supervised by others.
  • Willingness to work non-traditional hours, including nights and weekends. 
  • Able to work under deadlines and pressure.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree, required.
  • Acceptance in Graduate School at John Carroll University, required.
  • Previous experience in a collegiate sports information department, with stats work.
  • Valid driver license. 
  • Ability to meet University standards to drive vehicles when necessary.
  • Current AED/CPR + First Aid Certification, or ability to obtain upon employment.

Contact Information:
Russell Houser

General Position Description:

This individual will assist in the provision of services to students with disabilities. The Graduate Assistant will be responsible for determining reasonable academic and non-academic accommodations for students with disabilities (under supervision). This person will need to be or become proficient in the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADAAA) as amended and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, training will be provided. Students interested in this position should be enrolled in the mental health counseling, school counseling, or special education program. This position reports to the Director of Student Accessibility Services. Experience working with individuals with disabilities is preferred. This position requires the Graduate Assistant to work 10 hour per week, and will receive tuition remission for 6 credit hour per year as well as a stipend.


  • Review disability related documentation, conduct student intakes, information sessions for prospective students/families and implement accommodations
  • Meet with students in an “academic coach” role, to assist with disability management, study/organizational skills and implement specific learning strategies
  • Maintain accurate case files and complete relevant paperwork
  • Coordinate and implement adaptive technology needs for students
  • Assist with accessibility trainings, outreach and workshops for the campus community
  • Assist with the coordination of academic and non-academic accommodations
  • Coordinate annual departmental assessment to students, faculty and staff
  • Assist with other departmental tasks as needed
  • Manage and update department website

Contact Information:
Ms. Allison West Kaskey

Job Title: Graduate Assistant, Recreational Programs

Department Name: JCU Recreation

Dates of Employment: Beginning Fall 2021

Location & Hours: RecPlex; 20 hours per week

 Position Summary:

The Graduate Assistant of Recreational Programs for the Department of Recreation at John Carroll University is a two-semester commitment, under the guidance of the Director of Recreation, and is renewable for a second academic year. They work closely with the Director, student supervisors, and other student employees to oversee all JCU Recreation programming including: Intramural Sports, Club Sports, and Group Fitness. Vital components of this position are substantial knowledge of and experience with collegiate recreation programming, student and staff development, and leadership and teamwork.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist with all aspects of the Intramural Sports program including 20 sport leagues and tournaments annually
  • Assist with hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating Intramural Sports Supervisors, Officials, and Scorekeepers
  • Act as campus liaison and oversee operation of Intramural Sports software (IMLeagues)
  • Develop and update staff and participant manuals and rulebooks for all sports, leagues, and tournaments
  • Assist with advising 10 student-run Club Sports, and work directly with officers, members, and coaches
  • Assist with hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating Club Sports Supervisors
  • Review Club Sports travel and event requests using Carroll Connect, and assist officers with event planning
  • Contribute efforts to annual Club Sports funding allocation process and spending
  • Assisting with hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating student and non-student Group Fitness Instructors
  • Schedule weekly and semester-long practices, games, tournaments, and group fitness classes
  • Assist with strategic planning and goal development for future improvements to recreational programming
  • Assist with implementing and maintaining JCU Recreation policies and procedures
  • Review daily shift reports and provide corrective action, as needed
  • Provide front-line program supervision and management, as needed
  • Be aware of and enact Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Actively participate in staff training sessions, meetings, and team-building/service events
  • Maintain active American Red Cross CPR/AED and First-Aid certifications (provided upon hire if not already certified)
  • Maintain 20 weekly office hours in coordination with Director of Recreation
  • Assist in other departmental planning efforts that further the mission of the University

Required Job Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related and relevant field
  • Accepted and enrolled into the Graduate School at John Carroll University
  • Previous experience working in a collegiate recreation setting or similar experience
  • Experience with staff management and leadership/professional development
  • Professional representative of JCU Department of Recreation who embodies department values at all times
  • Desire to gain further knowledge in collegiate recreation, sport management, or events and programming
  • Ability to work independently and autonomously while maintaining high standards and attention to detail

Preferred Job Skills & Qualifications:

  • Previous experience in a collegiate recreation leadership/supervisor role
  • Experience with NIRSA and NIRSA events and programming
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED and First-Aid certification

Contact Information:
Kyle O'Dell



  • Qualifications – Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student in the Theology and Religious Studies program.
  • Responsibilities – Graduate assistants have two primary roles, which serve to support faculty in their teaching and research. Teaching-related duties may include attending class to assist as needed, occasionally leading class or discussion sessions, providing feedback on student paper drafts, tutoring, grading, constructing syllabi, updating course management system, and reviewing material for course inclusion. Research-related duties may include consulting on projects, library and internet research, reviewing books and articles, proofreading, and editing manuscripts.

Contact Information:
Dr. Edward Hahnenberg

Job Summary: Graduate Assistant - Athletic Coach 

Reporting to the Assistant Athletic Director - Operations and the sport head coach, the graduate assistant will assist with all duties relating to the day-to-day operations of an intercollegiate athletic program

Job Duties and Responsibilities: Graduate Assistant - Athletic Coach

Under the direction of the head coach, the graduate assistant is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all activities related to the program to which they are assigned. 

  • Recruit an appropriate number of prospective student-athletes to field teams meeting and exceeding NCAA competition minimum standards.
  • Assist in the planning and scheduling of regular practice sessions, where applicable
  • Assist with all game/match coaching and practice sessions 
  • Assist in the implementation of effective team strategy
  • Assist in the evaluation of team and individual performances
  • Abide by all NCAA and OAC rules and regulations
  • Work with Assistant Athletic Director - Operations to coordinate practice times and set-up NCAA compliance meetings
  • Assist in planning and closely supervising all team travel
  • Serve as a positive role model for all student-athletes
  • Develop and maintain good communication with team members; utilize effective motivational strategies
  • Cultivate good rapport with other teams, athletics staff, and all offices on campus
  • Develop an effective working relationship with the media, officials, opponents, booster club, former players (alumni/ae)
  • Assist in the reviewing and confirming team statistics and assist with conference pre/post-season award process

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of NCAA and OAC rules and regulations
  • Demonstrated computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer)
  • Gain working knowledge of the NCAA manual, compliance regulations, social media etiquette
  • Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Able to pay close attention to details
  • Able to work independently as well as being able to supervise and be supervised by others 
  • Willingness to work non-traditional hours and travel long distances at all hours
  • Able to work under deadlines and pressures
  • Knowledge of the collegiate athletics recruiting process and proven ability to recruit prospective student-athletes and retain and graduate current student-athletes

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree, required
  • Acceptance into Graduate School at John Carroll University
  • Playing and previous coaching experience, preferably at the collegiate level
  • Valid driver license 
  • Ability to meet University standards to drive vehicles when necessary
  • Current AED/CPR + First Aid Certification, or ability to obtain upon employment

Open Positions

  • Men's Basketball
  • Men's Lacrosse
  • Football
  • Men's and Women's Swimming and Diving
  • Men's Soccer

Contact Information

Please contact the head coach of each respective sport directly