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Graduate and Athletic Assistantships 2020-2021
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Please note: Positions are contingent on funding

The primary responsibility of each GA is to provide support as a teaching assistant in our laboratory courses, and in the maintenance of laboratory facilities and equipment.

Responsibilities of GA’s in the Department of Biology include:

  • Provide in-class instructional support for students and assist instructors in delivering course content; this will include any preparation required to demonstrate knowledge and competency in the subjects being presented in lab (e.g., studying lab material, attending lectures).
  • Providing logistical support outside of regularly scheduled laboratory classes for setup and teardown of weekly laboratories.
  • Preparation and grading of weekly pre-lab and in-class practical assessment (these are edited and approved by the course instructor).
  • Assist in proctoring midterm and final exams for lectures and labs.
  • Maintaining 2 office hours regularly per week for undergraduates to seek assistance with assignments, lab reports, and preparation for examinations, for the lecture and laboratory courses to which the GA is assigned.
  • Provide mentorship for our undergraduates, and to serve as role models for our students.
  • Monitoring and reporting instances of bias to instructors and administration.
  • Maintenance of laboratory equipment and facilities.

Depending upon the course, additional work for GA’s may include:

  • Assistance in preparation, grading, and tear-down of midterm and final exams.
  • Coordinating work responsibilities with all other GAs assigned to a given section of lab.
  • Preparing detailed dissections of anatomical material to use for in-class observations, quizzes, and examinations (e.g., BL157, BL158, BL160, BL230L, 231L, BL350L).
  • Maintenance and care of live animals used in our laboratories.
  • Maintenance and care of live plants in our greenhouse.
  • Depending upon the laboratory course, GA’s may be required to maintain van certification to drive university vehicles for short-distance transportation during some field-based laboratory courses (e.g., BL160, BL423L/523L, BL424L/524L, BL426L/526L, BL444, BL447L, BL520L, and BL535L).

Contact Information
Ralph Saporito, Ph.D.

The Graduate Assistant engages with Boler administration, faculty, alumni, and students to enhance Boler’s academic and student programming at John Carroll University.   The Graduate Assistant contributes to the advancement of Boler’s mission and strategic plan.  

Goals and Objectives                                

The goal of this position is to provide a professional and personal development opportunity that prepares the Graduate Assistant for the experience of a professional staff member while supporting the Boler School of Business and John Carrol University.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Graduate Assistant will be assigned to a specific department within the Boler School of Business. Each department will then assign specific duties required of the GA position which may include:

  • Assist faculty with research projects, engage in literature searches, and assist in the development of new material for courses.
  • Assist faculty with grading of student assignments – pending approval from the department chair.
  • Assist faculty with course-related activities.
  • Work with the Deans and Internship and Employment director within Boler to support Boler student and or employer recruitment efforts which may include:
  1. contacting prospective students/employers
  2. creating marketing materials
  3. peer advising/mentoring
  4. conducting campus tours and orientation activities
  5. creating presentations
  6. delivering presentations
  • Other duties as assigned.

The Graduate Assistant is required to assist in organizing and executing Boler and John Carroll events. These mandatory events include, but are not limited, to:

  • Edward J. and Louise E. Mellon Series on Publicly Held Ohio Corporations Speaker events
  • Boler Professional Development (BPD) events
  • Internship and Employment events.
  • Other events. Associate Dean or department directors will provide a schedule of the time and dates of these events.

Required qualifications

Graduate Assistant needs to have strong interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, be self-motivated and have a general knowledge of campus resources.  Graduate Assistant must be dependable and flexible, be able to relate well to a variety of people, respect faculty and students’ confidentiality, have strong reading and writing skills, be friendly, patient, and have a sense of humor.

Preferred qualifications

Candidates should possess:

  • A practical understanding of professional work responsibilities and expectations.
  • Leadership experience in undergraduate student organizations.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in event planning.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in facilitating workshops, presentations, and trainings.
  • Demonstrated experience and skills in online and social media marketing.
  • Valid driver’s license and vehicle.


Contact Information
Walter Simmons, Ph.D.

Assist professors with scholarship, research and associated responsibilities 


Assist with faculty and departmental scholarship and research. Duties may include:

  • Writing abstracts for conferences,
  • Conducting literature searches,
  • Writing literature reviews or other parts of manuscripts,
  • Designing research
  • Collecting data
  • Analyzing data
  • Identifying appropriate archival materials
  • Finding data or other information online
  • Presenting data (in written or oral form)
  • Overseeing undergraduate research assistants
  • Designing websites and online materials related to research
  • Acting as a liaison between the department and other organizations
  • Coordinating and applying for funding
  • Helping to write grant applications
  • Organizing and maintaining folders, drives, databases that house articles, data, write-ups, etc.
  • Completing IRB forms and maintaining and managing regulatory compliance
  • Coding data or articles for meta-analyses
  • Completing CITI Training
  • Conducting interviews
  • Responding to participant inquiries
  • Conducting field research activities off campus
  • Helping to conduct action research, focus group research, etc...
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Full-time, matriculated graduate student in a degree seeking program
  • Effective verbal, analytical and written communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks
  • Technology skills: Microsoft office, Canvas, social networking sites
  • Friendly, reliable, and self-motivated
  • Able to maintain confidentiality


First Year

  • In the fall term, assist a faculty member(s) in one first-year composition class. The exact duties are assigned by the Coordinator of Teaching for Graduate Assistants; responsibilities typically include attending all class sessions, grading papers, meeting students in conferences, and occasionally teaching a class or part of a class.
  • Tutor ten hours a week in the Writing Center.
  • Work as a Research Assistant. If the Graduate Assistant is assigned to fewer than two sections of composition, the balance of the work may be allocated to work in the Writing Center or research assistance for a faculty member. The exact duties will be assigned by the faculty member, but may include library or internet research, reading and note taking, manuscript preparation, or other professional duties associated with scholarly research. Routine clerical tasks (e.g., photocopying class materials) should not be the primary responsibilities in research assignments.
  • Work as a grader. Graduate Assistants may also be asked to assist a faculty member with the grading in a literature course (usually a 200-level course).
  • Attend training meetings called by the Director of Writing.
  • In the spring term, teach one class of EN 125 and tutor five hours a week in the Writing Center.

Second Year

  • Teach composition courses, or engage in Assessment work, as assigned by the department.  The teaching load for the fall semester is typically two sections of EN 125, and one section during spring semester. However, gaining valuable experience in Assessment by working with Dr. Todd Bruce may swap out for teaching (see The Assessment Experience). The Graduate Assistant has full responsibility for these classes, including selecting textbooks in consultation with the Director of Writing, designing the syllabus in accordance with the departmental guidelines, planning class meetings, and grading the student’s work.
  • Attend in-service training meetings called by the Director of Writing.

Recommended Opportunities and Activities

  • Attendance at campus lectures, workshops, and events.
  • Attendance and participation in local, state, and national conferences.  Partial financial support for travel and other conference expenses may be available through the Office of Graduate Studies if you are presenting a paper.
  • Research and publication on your own or in collaboration with a faculty member.
  • Development of computer pedagogy.
  • Participation on the staff of The John Carroll Review, the literary magazine published by the department.
  • Assistance in the Visiting Writers Series.


To assist the professional staff with major functions of the office of graduate studies involving recruitment and retention of graduate students.



  • Assist with the recruitment of prospective graduate students
      • Schedule and conduct campus tours
      • Plan and participate in recruiting events and follow up
      • Communicate with prospective students and answer questions
  • Assist with the on boarding of new graduate students
      • Create and mail welcome packets to newly accepted students
      • Maintain and update online orientation in Canvas for new students
      • Design and oversee printing of informational postcards and other material
  • Assist with creating community among graduate students
      • Plan and participate in social functions for graduate students
      • Plan and participate in programming for graduate student professional development
      • Design and create informational window displays for office
  • Plan new student welcome receptions
  • Coordinate the printing of promotional materials
  • Use of CRM (Slate) for event planning/recruitment activities
  • Assist with planning and running of annual Graduate Assistant Orientation
  • Create, write, and distribute graduate studies newsletter each semester
  • Manage and create content for graduate studies social media accounts
  • Assist the MA in Humanities program director with newsletter, outreach, and class schedule each semester
  • Other duties as assigned



  • Full-time, matriculated graduate student in a degree seeking program
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills
  • Event planning skills including coordination of venue, refreshments, content, speakers, and printed material as needed
  • Ability to work independently and prioritize tasks
  • Technology skills: Microsoft office programs, Canvas, social networking sites
  • Friendly, reliable, and self-motivated
  • Able to maintain confidentiality

Qualifications – Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student in the Nonprofit Administration Program. Must have:

  • Strong verbal, writing, and editing skills
  • Be available in the afternoon hours Mondays through Thursdays and occasionally on Fridays
  • Be flexible, self-motivated, and able to work independently
  • Have the ability to relate effectively with a diverse campus community and maintain confidentiality
  • Demonstrated knowledge of and commitment to social justice issues  
  • Commitment to and excitement about developing unapologetic social justice leaders

Responsibilities – Duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Represent the NPA program at conferences, community events, and throughout the university
  • Communicate with the Faculty and Community Advisory Committee (CAC) about upcoming meetings and events
  • Create meeting minutes
  • Plan and staff community workshops and programs
  • Develop and enhance the program’s website
  • Manage the program’s social media (Facebook, Twitter) and job board
  • Create and distribute an annual newsletter
  • Aid the director with class materials (formatting and editing course materials, research, scheduling speakers, etc.)
  • Discuss the program with current students and address any questions or concerns they may have
  • Coordinate submissions for Capstone proposals and Nonprofit Leader of Tomorrow Award
  • Plan events for students, the larger community and alumni (including speakers and social gatherings)
  • Thought partnership
  • Other duties as assigned

Contact Information
Ms. Dani Robbins


  • Qualifications – Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student in the Theology and Religious Studies program.
  • Responsibilities – Graduate assistants have two primary roles. They work with faculty in classes, assisting with grading and tutoring. They may also be asked occasionally to present a lecture or lead a session in a course. The second role is to work with the faculty on their research projects. This can include such tasks as consulting on projects, library and Internet research, and editing and checking manuscripts.

The Graduate Assistant for the Learning Commons will work toward continual improvement of the Learning Commons and will serve as a liaison for the library, faculty & students.  Responsibilities are as follows:

Peer Learning Facilitators

  • Determine which subjects have a need for student tutors & hire them
  • Assist with all new hire paperwork
  • Plan and complete orientation and training
  • Act as liaison between students and payroll, departments, library staff, etc.
  • Hold students accountable for attendance, behavior, etc.
  • Schedule and reserve rooms for tutoring
  • Create and maintain inter-departmental relationships



  • Update calendar and distribute
  • Update twitter, Facebook & website as needed
  • Update signage



  • Be committed to the continual improvements of the Learning Commons (take part in wellness events, collaborate with career center, counseling center, counseling department, academic advising offices)
  • Replenish Learning Commons supplies
  • Maintain assessment of the Learning Commons

Contact Information:
Ms. Amy Wainwright

The Graduate Assistant position in Student Accessibility Services will assist with the assessment needs of the department as well as the provision of services to students with disabilities. Mainly, the Graduate Assistant will be responsible for assisting with assessment and department program evaluation to meet the standards set forth by the Higher Learning Commission. Lastly, the Graduate Assistant will provide support in the recruitment and retention of students with disabilities by participating in orientation and meeting with students for intake appointments.

Duties will include:

  • Assist with department assessment including collecting, analyzing and reporting data for current program evaluation
  • Assist with office recruitment and retention by participating in orientation events;  including the resource fair and conducting intake meetings with incoming students


Working primarily with the Senior Director of Student Engagement, the main responsibilities of the graduate assistant are to assist in the development, management, and administration of programs and services for student organizations. The graduate assistant also assists in the staffing and development of late-night and large-scale campus programming.

Primary Responsibilities can include:

Coordinate the development and support of Student Organizations and members.


Training & Development

  • Coordinate ongoing large-scale training and development for officers in campus student organizations.
  • Manage the student organization Canvas site, including offering trainings for new organization leaders, tracking officer changes, and reviewing website content and events.
  • Meet on a regular basis with the officers for each individual student organization in a coaching capacity to ensure organizational growth and leadership development
  • Assist with the development and implementation of advisor training/development sessions as needed.


  • Maintain database of petitioning and registered student organizations.
  • Work with the Student Government Vice President for Student Organizations on the organization recognition process, make sure proper paperwork and constitutions are on file, and make adjustments to necessary websites or other documents with listings of organizations and budget codes.
  • Advise the Student Organization Budget Board (SOBB) and attend all meetings
  • Provide administrative support for organization policy development/enforcement.
  • Maintain current and accurate lists of members, appropriate archives, and other relevant information.
  • Ensure activities and events are consistent with the university mission and the Community Standards Manual. 
  • Supervise the officer transition process every winter.
  • Establish and maintain working relationships with organization advisors.
  • Assist with the coordination of the large annual Student Involvement Fair in September as well as a supplemental involvement fair in January.

Participate in the delivery of night and weekend programs as well as large-scale Campus Traditions (Streak Week, Homecoming and Family Weekend, Christmas Carroll Eve, Senior Week).

Facilitate leadership development programs for the general student body.


Leading candidates will demonstrate a sincere interest in working with student organizations in the field of student affairs.  Highly developed written and verbal communication skills and the ability to relate effectively with all members of the campus community are necessary. 


Working primarily with the Senior Director of Student Engagement, the main responsibilities of the graduate assistant is to facilitate programming and outreach to commuter students. Additionally, this staff member will facilitate student leadership formation activities both in the fall and spring. The ideal candidate will also be able to serve as the Graduate Intern for New Student Orientation in the summer as well.

Commuter Services

  • Plan and implement both social and developmental initiatives for students who commute from home.
  • Create and distribute regular communication to commuter and transfer students

Social Programming

  • Coordinate the fine arts programming event schedule funded by the Kulas Grant.
  • Participate in the delivery of night and weekend programs as well as large-scale Campus Traditions (Streak Week, Homecoming and Family Weekend, Christmas Carroll Eve, Senior Week).

Facilitate leadership development programs for the general student body.

(Preferred) Serve as the Graduate Intern for New Student Orientation

  • Assist in the selection and training of Orientation Leaders
  • Serve as a member of the Orientation Leadership Team during O-Staff training in the spring semester and throughout the summer Orientation sessions.


Leading candidates will demonstrate an interest in working with college students in the field of Student Afffairs. Highly developed written and verbal communication skills and the ability to relate effectively with all members of the campus community are necessary. 


The main responsibilities of the graduate assistant are to assist in managing and administering of programs and services under the auspices of the Office of Student Engagement in order to provide a vibrant, engaging and active campus life.  The graduate assistant will work primarily with the Associate Director of Student Engagement in advising student leaders in the Student Union Programming Board at John Carroll University.  The graduate student will help to provide advising to students and ensure quality programming for the campus including Late Night Programming initiatives.


  • Attend all team member meetings with the Student Union Programming Board (SUPB).
  • Attend and chaperone nighttime social programming as determined by the associate director of student engagement.
  • Help to plan and execute major events, including, but not limited to the following:  Homecoming Week, Streak the Center, and CarrollFest.
  • Collect program evaluations as necessary.
  • Help plan and participate in leadership, transition, and diversity development for the members of the SUPB.
  • Hold one-on-one advising meetings as outlined by the associate director.

Major Campus Events

  • Assist advising the student Homecoming planning committee. 
  • Assist advising the CarrollFest planning committee.
  • Assist and attend with the following events (when needed):  Student Involvement Fair, Christmas Carroll at Carroll, and Senior Celebration.

Other Duties

  • Assist the SUPB student leaders in managing their office space effectively.
  • Assist with calendaring and planning for semester events.
  • Collect event evaluations from SUPB executive Board members to process for reporting purposes.

Late Night Programming

  • Assist with planning and implementation of Late Night Programming initiatives as requested by the assistant director.

Student Engagement Staff

  • Attend weekly staff meetings as well as one-on-one meetings with the associate director.
  • Attend large campus-wide events sponsored by the OSE, as needed, such as: Senior Celebration, and Streak the Center events.
  • Maintain notes, electronic files and folders, and instructions for the various areas of responsibility/tasks.
  • Work on any other initiatives as assigned by the director or associate director of student engagement.


Leading candidates will demonstrate a sincere interest in working with student activities in the field of student affairs.  Highly developed written and verbal communication skills and the ability to relate effectively with all members of the campus community are necessary.  

Qualifications – Full-time, matriculated, degree-seeking graduate student.

  • Interest in outreach programming and/or higher education.
  • Highly developed written and verbal skills with the ability to relate effectively with a diverse campus community and maintain confidentiality.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate in a positive manner with students, peers, and professional staff.
  • Master’s candidate in Clinical Mental Health Counseling preferred.

Responsibilities – Under the supervision and consultation of UCC staff members, the graduate assistant for the University Counseling Center is responsible for a variety of responsibilities including:

  • Assist the UCC administrative assistant with front desk coverage, which may include: answering phone calls, appraising urgency for appointments, scheduling appointments, and consulting with students, staff, faculty and families about sensitive and/or confidential information.
  • Maintain the UCC’s website and social media accounts in order to market UCC services, provide psycho-educational information to JCU students, and de-stigmatize mental health topics and UCC services.
  • Coordinate UCC outreach events including scheduling of rooms, marketing of events, and gathering of materials. Will also facilitate or co-facilitate some programs.
  • Work with staff, faculty, other graduate assistants, and student organization leaders to promote mental health programming on campus
  • Enter and maintain UCC data in conjunction with the UCC director and administrative assistant.
  • Oversee the UCC’s psycho-educational pamphlet inventory.
  • Modify and send out the UCC’s end-of-year student satisfaction survey.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Contact Information
Mark Onusko, Psy.D.

Position Summary:
The Graduate Assistant of Facility Operations & Memberships for the Department of Recreation at John Carroll University is two-semester commitment, under the guidance of the Director of Recreation, and is renewable for a second academic year. They work closely with the Director, student supervisors, and other student employees to oversee the operations of all JCU Recreation facilities including: Corbo Fitness Center, fitness studio, recreational and varsity gymnasiums, racquetball courts, and locker rooms. They also oversee alumni and community memberships and coordinate internal and external reservations. Vitals components of this position are substantial knowledge in facility operations, customer service, student and staff development, and leadership and teamwork.
Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all JCU Department of Recreation facilities, memberships, and reservations
  • Assist with strategic planning and goal development for future facility, membership, and reservation improvements
  • Hire, train, schedule, supervise, and evaluate Facility Operations Supervisors and Attendants
  • Process membership applications/renewals and issue photo membership cards to patrons
  • Review facility reservation requests, schedule space and staff, and meet with internal and external reserving groups
  • Assist with developing and overseeing capital outlay plan to repair and replace existing facility equipment
  • Perform daily/weekly walkthroughs of the JCU RecPlex to ensure clean and safe facilities
  • Provide outstanding customer service to students, faculty/staff, alumni, and community members
  • Assist with implementing and maintaining JCU Recreation policies and procedures
  • Provide budget oversight for facilities, programs, and services
  • Assist with determining facility hours and schedules through patron headcounts
  • Review daily shift reports and provide corrective action, as needed
  • Provide front-line facility supervision and management, as needed
  • Be aware of and enact Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Attend all staff training sessions, meetings, and team-building/service events
  • Maintain active American Red Cross CPR/AED and First-Aid certifications (provided upon hire if not already certified)
  • Maintain 20 weekly office hours in coordination with Director of Recreation
  • Assist in other departmental planning efforts that further the mission of our University

Required Job Skills & Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related and relevant field
  • Accepted and enrolled into a graduate degree program at John Carroll University
  • Previous experience working in a collegiate recreation setting or similar experience
  • Experience with staff management and leadership/professional development
  • Professional representative of JCU Department of Recreation who embodies department values at all times
  • Desire to gain further knowledge in collegiate recreation or facility operations
  • Ability to work independently and autonomously while maintain high standards and attention to detail

Preferred Job Skills & Qualifications:

  • Previous experience in a collegiate recreation leadership/supervisor role
  • Experience with NIRSA and NIRSA events and programming
  • American Red Cross CPR/AED and First-Aid certificatio

Job Summary: Graduate Assistant - Athletic Coach 

Reporting to the Assistant Athletic Director - Operations and the sport head coach, the graduate assistant will assist with all duties relating to the day-to-day operations of an intercollegiate athletic program

Job Duties and Responsibilities: Graduate Assistant - Athletic Coach

Under the direction of the head coach, the graduate assistant is responsible for the planning, development, and implementation of all activities related to the program to which they are assigned. 

  • Recruit an appropriate number of prospective student-athletes to field teams meeting and exceeding NCAA competition minimum standards.
  • Assist in the planning and scheduling of regular practice sessions, where applicable
  • Assist with all game/match coaching and practice sessions 
  • Assist in the implementation of effective team strategy
  • Assist in the evaluation of team and individual performances
  • Abide by all NCAA and OAC rules and regulations
  • Work with Assistant Athletic Director - Operations to coordinate practice times and set-up NCAA compliance meetings
  • Assist in planning and closely supervising all team travel
  • Serve as a positive role model for all student-athletes
  • Develop and maintain good communication with team members; utilize effective motivational strategies
  • Cultivate good rapport with other teams, athletics staff, and all offices on campus
  • Develop an effective working relationship with the media, officials, opponents, booster club, former players (alumni/ae)
  • Assist in the reviewing and confirming team statistics and assist with conference pre/post-season award process

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge of NCAA and OAC rules and regulations
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer)
  • Gain working knowledge of the NCAA manual, compliance regulations, social media etiquette
  • Strong communication, organizational and interpersonal skills
  • Able to pay close attention to details
  • Able to work independently as well as being able to supervise and be supervised by others 
  • Willingness to work non-traditional hours and travel long distances at all hours
  • Able to work under deadlines and pressures
  • Knowledge of the collegiate athletics recruiting process and proven ability to recruit prospective student-athletes and retain and graduate current student-athletes

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree, required
  • Acceptance into a graduate degree program at John Carroll University
  • Playing and previous coaching experience, preferably at the collegiate level
  • Valid driver license 
  • Ability to meet University standards to drive vehicles when necessary
  • Current AED/CPR + First Aid Certification, or ability to obtain upon employment


Contact Information
Please contact the head coach of each respective sport directly

Graduate Assistantship in Resident Ministry in Campus Ministry

Jesuit education holds cura personalis as one of its highest values. Cura personalis refers to our commitment to be attentive to the development of the whole person: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical. The presence of Resident Ministry in our residence halls is one way JCU lives out this value.

The Graduate Assistant in Resident Ministry (GA/RM) is an integral member of the Campus Ministry team.  This person collaborates with his/her supervisory team member to build and conduct ministry within their particular area(s).  Responsibilities may include building community through spiritual and social programs, directing student retreats, planning prayer opportunities, fostering student leadership development, advising and encouraging student participation in service clubs and faith and justice activities, coordinating and preparing liturgies, providing personal support and pastoral care for students. 

The GA/RM has a unique role in the residence halls. They serve as a mentor and role model to undergraduate, residential students.  Their pastoral presence and programs are rooted in a faith-based context.  The mission of our overall Resident Ministry program is to engage and animate the residents in order to integrate spiritual development with daily life and learning.  Resident Ministers are expected to bear witness to the teachings and values associated with our Jesuit Catholic mission, and held to moral/ethical standards that reflect this mission.

The Campus Ministry Department goals for the Graduate Assistant Resident Ministry program are to:
•    Form a ministerial identity that is rooted in the minister’s faith journey, their sense of call, understanding of gifts and graces, and relationship to God’s people. This identity will include a growing understanding and lived experience of navigating ministerial boundaries, as well as spiritual self-care and living a balanced life.
•    Develop ministers who actively practice theological reflection that is rooted in the Ignatian Catholic Christian tradition, intellectually honest, attentive to listening to the Spirit in life and ministry, and respond out of this reflection. 
•    Provide ministers with basic ministerial skills that facilitate others’ growth in their personal relationship with God as well as their growth in communal practice of faith. These include basic ministry skills that enable campus ministers to provide pastoral care to college students.  In order to facilitate this, we use the six aspects of campus ministry outlined in Empowered by the Spirit, the USCCB’s Pastoral Letter on Campus Ministry: forming the faith community, appropriating the faith, forming the Christian conscience, educating for justice, facilitating personal development, and developing leaders for the future.
•    Develop confident and humble ministers who appreciate the value of and have the basic skills for peer collaboration with colleagues from a variety of departments at JCU, with a special emphasis on ecumenical and interfaith sensitivity. 
•    Encourage students to seek meaning and the sacred in their experiences
•    Support and model ways of living life that is rooted in a faith that does justice

Campus Ministry GAs reach these goals through:
•    Summer training
•    Direct ministry in a given area of campus ministry 
•    Supervision by a full time campus minister
•    Individualized assessment and goal setting
•    Intentional reflection based on their experience
•    Pastoral skills formation
•    Spiritual formation and Opportunities for Spiritual Direction

Job Description

The Graduate Assistant in Resident Ministry is an important part of the University’s Campus Ministry program and represents the Campus Ministry Department in the Residence Halls. They work in collaboration with their supervisory campus minister to integrate faith with campus social and academic life. They establish an active religious presence in residential areas, and encourage faith development and religious practice in the lives of students. This graduate student serves as a resource for students of all religious traditions and lends support and strength to the programs and activities of the campus ministry department and the residence halls. 

Expectations of the Graduate Assistant in Resident Ministry:

•    Plan at least one major Campus Ministry program per semester 
•    Plan and implement a weekly hall-based program 
•    Meet weekly with the Resident Ministry team 
•    Meet weekly with the Campus Ministry staff 
•    Campus Ministry supervision on a bi-weekly basis 
•    Availability on evenings and weekends
•    Regular presence at JCU dining facilities
•    Area Coordinator check-in on a monthly basis
•    Mandatory training program in August, a mid-year and end of the year evaluation 
•    Participate in and help with Sunday worship (6pm or 10pm), and all major university liturgies 

Primary Responsibilities

•    To encourage and promote participation in campus ministry activities and justice opportunities
•    To be available to the students in the residence halls on a regular and consistent basis, as well as being a pastoral presence in time of personal crisis 
•    To assist in the design and implementation of programs which benefit the moral and spiritual development of students in the residence halls 
•    Participate in weekly Campus Ministry and Resident Ministry staff meetings as required 
•    Worship with the JCU faith community and serve as a minister of hospitality 
•    Co-lead or lead at least one immersion experience (at the discretion of the Campus Ministry staff)
•    Plan and implement First Year retreat experiences
•    Significant contribution to at least one area of campus ministry programming (TBD)
•    Compliance with university rules and regulations
•    Other duties as assigned by the Director or Associate Director of Campus Ministry


•    Candidate must live in the Residence Halls
•    Must have completed a Bachelor’s degree
•    Enrollment in a graduate degree program at John Carroll University.

Reporting Relationships
•    Reports to the Director or Associate Director of Campus Ministry

The graduate assistant is a paraprofessional employee of the John Carroll University Division of Student Affairs. The GA works closely with the Coordinator of Student Wellness to develop and implement programs to promote health and wellness to students on the John Carroll University campus.  The GA will work with the Coordinator of Student Wellness to hire, train, and supervise student peer health advocates.  The GA will also assist with health information campaigns, campus-wide health and wellness initiatives, providing information and resources to students, and promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

•    Assist with creation and implementation of outreach and educational programs and trainings for faculty, staff, and students.
•    Assist with assessment of educational programs that include creating pre- and post- program surveys to ensure learning objectives are met through educational presentations.
•    Assist with creating and updating marketing and social marketing materials for Student Wellness that includes the website, Facebook pages, Twitter, Instagram, and other office materials. 
•    Assist with recruitment and education of peer health advocates.
•    Ensure that the Student Wellness Center has appropriate resources (up to date information and supplies).
•    Oversee distribution of posters and other materials.
•    Conduct meetings and programs that are sanctioned using motivational interview techniques.
•    Stay current with the technology and issues our students are facing.
•    Occasional evening and weekend hours to deliver educational programs.

•    Demonstrated interest and/or experience in public health.
•    Strong written and verbal skills.
•    Strong communication skills including: attention to detail, ability to prioritize tasks, active listening, public speaking, small group and one to one interactions.
•    Ability to work independently.
•    Technology skills: Microsoft office programs, social networking sites.
•    Preferred prior experience as a peer leader with undergraduate students.