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The assessment process begins with the establishment of learning goals: an articulation of intended student learning outcomes. The goals represent what faculty intend that students should know or be able to do by the conclusion of a course, degree, or program. All learning goals are listed here.

Learning goals exist at all levels of the University. Flowing naturally from the mission and vision of the institution, the University Learning Goals describe our institutional commitment to student learning. To see how the University Learning Goals play out in all University programs, click here.

Nine of the objectives of the University Learning Goals inform and direct the Integrative Core Curriculum; these outcomes are also known as the Academic Learning Goals.

Each academic program and academic support unit has developed program-level learning goals which align with the Academic Learning Goals.

All graduate programs at John Carroll University have aligned their learning goals with a specific set of Graduate Learning Goalswhich are derived from the Academic Learning Goals.

All programs in the Boler School of Business also align with and support a common set of learning goals for the entire School.

All support and co-curricular programs align with the University Learning Goals.

At the course level, instructors develop learning goals for their courses which align with relevant program-level goals.

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