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The fundamental purpose of academic and administrative program review is to promote and maintain academic and operational excellence.

Academic Program Review at John Carroll University involves the systematic self-examination of an academic program by its faculty members in order to sustain or improve educational effectiveness. Academic program reviews, approached strategically and creatively, can prove intellectually stimulating to the program’s members, improve the curriculum, enhance student learning, build
morale, solve difficult problems, and help the program gain new resources and broader recognition (both on and off campus) with the framework of goals set by the program and the University.

Administrative Program Review ensures that co-curricular activities, services and administrative processes are being efficiently administered and working in ways consistent with the University’s mission and values. The review process, therefore, permits all units to craft clearly articulated goals for which measurable outcomes are identified and are systematically assessed. The primary goal is to ensure that the process improves institutional effectiveness in realizing the mission of John Carroll University.

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Todd Bruce, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Advising
AD 133D

Maria O'Connor
Director of Institutional Research
AD 146

Carey Ann Lopuchovsky
AD 140