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To this end, the University is committed to providing engaging curricular and co-curricular experiences designed to maximize student learning. An integral component of understanding the student experience, and our institutional effectiveness, is a coordinated program of student learning assessment, based on Academic Learning Goals and Student Affairs Learning Goals, and designed to both document and improve student learning.

The assessment process provides an opportunity for reflection, critical analysis, and organizational learning that aligns with our Ignatian values. The foundational Jesuit ideal of magis, or the seeking of the “more,” encourages us to strive to improve and to seek excellence in all that we do. As educators who care about student learning, we seek to understand the reality of our students’ lives and the effectiveness of our programs.

The institutional academic learning goals articulate the gains in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that a student is expected to have achieved as a result of earning a degree at John Carroll University. The learning goals express the essential academic outcomes expected of a JCU student at graduation.

  • Demonstrate an integrative knowledge of human and natural worlds
  • Apply creative and innovative thinking
  • Develop habits of critical analysis and aesthetic appreciation
  • Communicate skillfully in multiple forms of expression
  • Act competently in a global and diverse world
  • Understand and promote social justice
  • Apply a framework for examining ethical dilemmas
  • Employ leadership and collaborative skills
  • Understand the religious dimensions of human experience