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On this page:

  1. Setting up a CITI account
  2. Selecting CITI courses for the first time
  3. Selecting additional CITI courses
  4. Resetting your password/Changing your login information

NOTE: CITI will send a validation message to your email account. CITI recommends using Firefox or Chrome. The CITI Program website requires both JavaScript and cookies to be enabled in order to function.

1. Setting up a CITI account (or, how to log in to the CITI system for the first time):

  • Click here.
  • Then click on the “Register” button on the upper right hand side of the screen.
  • Step 1: Select “John Carroll University” from the “Participating Institutions” list. Start typing “John Carroll” to get the pull down menu to appear. Agree to the Terms of Service.
  • Step 2: Complete the Personal Information section.
  • Step 3: Create your Username and Password.  Should you forget your password in the future, the system can reset it for you.

CITI Directions for User Name and Password:
Your username should consist of 4 to 50 characters. Your username is not case sensitive; “A12B34CD” is the same as “a12b34cd”. Once created, your username will be part of the completion report.

Your password should consist of 8 to 50 characters. Your password IS case sensitive; “A12B34CD” is not the same as “a12b34cd”.

  • Page 3, continued: Complete the Security Question and Answer.

CITI Directions for Security Question:
Please choose a security question and provide an answer that you will remember. NOTE:  If you forget your login information, you will have to provide this answer to the security question in order to access your account.

  • Step 4: Country of Residence.  Enter in your country of residence.
  • Step 5: Do you want CME/CEU credits for completing the CITI course?  Applicable for people who need to update their official credentials from an external agency. Chances are you won’t be interested in this option. You will be charged a fee for the credits if you choose that option.
  • Step 5, continued: Answer Yes, No, or Not sure to the question on interest in being contacted to complete a course survey or with marketing information.
  • Step 6: List your institutional email address and your department.  If you are a student, you can indicate your major or list undeclared.
  • Step 6, continued: List your “Role in Research” from the drop down list.
  • Step 7: Selecting CITI Courses for the first time. Select learner group(s) from the following choices:

Question 1: IRB Required Courses (Human Subjects Research)

  •  IRB Researchers and Sponsors – Basic Course
    [Select this option if you are a faculty member, staff, or administrator who is submitting an application as the main researcher; or if you are a student who is proposing a study which will require full board review; or if you are a sponsor of a student application.  Sponsors of student research mustcomplete the “Students in Research” module as one of the electives within this course.]
  •  IRB Student Researchers – Basic Course
    [Select this option if you are a student who is submitting an IRB application for a minimal-risk research project, or if your instructor has required completion of this course.]
  •  IRB Members
  •  Select “Not at this time” if not applicable.

Question 2: Laboratory Animal Welfare Courses

  •  Numerous choices to select if interested.
  •  No need to select anything if these modules are not applicable.

Question 3: Conflicts of Interest Course

  •  For PHS-funded researchers and grant seekers
  •  Select “Not at this time” if you do not want to take this course.

Question 4: Health Information Privacy & Security (HIPS) Course

  • For students in the Health Information Technology Track
  • Select “Not at this time” if you do not want to take this course.

Question 5: Responsible Conduct of Research Courses

  •  For federally funded researchers and their workers.
  •  Select “Not at this time” if you do not want to take this course.

Question 6: Institutional/Signatory Official Course

  • Training required ONLY for the Institutional Official (IO) of the IRB and/or the IACUC.
  • Select “Not at this time” if you do not want to take this course.

Question 7: Good Clinical Practice

  • Training for researchers in biomedical projects or social & behavioral research.
  • Not required to submit an IRB application.
  • Often required for FDA or NIH-funded research.
  • Select “Not at this time” if you do not want to take this course.

You can select all the courses to demo them or take courses even if they are not applicable to your situation. After you have selected your curriculum, you will be asked to confirm your registration.

3. Selecting Additional CITI Courses

Once you log into CITI after you’ve created your account, you can add courses to your already-selected CITI courses by clicking on “Add a Course” under the heading “My Learner Tools for John Carroll University” which is located just below the list of “My Courses” on the Main Menu page.  This will give you access to all available JCU CITI courses.

4. Resetting your password and changing your login information

If you’ve forgotten your password or username, you can have the system reset it by clicking on the little blue “Forgot?” links on the CITI login page.

You can change your login information once you’ve successfully logged in by clicking on “My Profiles” on the Main Menu page.

For help with CITI accounts, contact Carole Moran Krus.