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Join the Work in Progress Challenge! Each week we will send you opportunities in the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social dimensions of wellness for a chance to win prizes!

The challenge begins Monday, March 9th and concludes April 3rd, however you can join anytime!

How to participate:

Step 1: Sign up for the challenge here
Step 2: Wait for your weekly email from us with challenge opportunities!
Step 3: Complete a challenge listed and let us know how it went!

The Spiritual Wellness Dimension is a broad concept that represents one’s personal beliefs and values and involves having meaning, purpose, and a sense of balance and peace.

Challenge Opportunities:

   - Attend a Campus Ministry Event
         - Stations of the Cross Friday the 13th at 4:30 in St. Francis
         - Alternative Spirituality Group, Wednesdays at 7:30 in Dolan Hall, Room 203

                 - This group is for students who identify as spiritual, but not religious or anyone who 
                    is open-minded and would like the opportunity to reflect on their life and engage in
                    meaningful conversations with other students in a non-judgmental space.  Contact
                    Greg Blanc for more information
   - Attend a Religious Service
         - Mass on M,W,F in St. Francis Chapel at 12:05
         - Mass on T,TH in Rodman Chapel at 12:20
         - Mass on W in Murphy Chapel at 9:30
   - Yoga/Meditation
   - Participate in Community Service
   - Advocate for something you believe in
   - Take a career assessment at the Career Center

Featured Event:

Fr Bryan Massingale

Attend this event to get two entries to win

Integrating Faith and Sexuality in the Age of Francis: A Call to Reflection and Solidarity

Tuesday, March 10th at 7:00pm

LSC Conference Room

Visit the event page for more information


Campus Resources: 

Campus Ministry
   - Faith Communities
   - Immersion Trips and Retreats

Career Center
   - Career Chats
   - Peer Advisors
   - Career Exploration
   - Networking
   - Interview Prep and Resume Review

Center for Service and Social Action
   - Service-Learning Courses
   - Weekly Service Activities
   - Social Justice Advocacy

A healthy body. Good physical health habits. Nutrition, exercise, and appropriate healthcare. These make up the physical dimension of wellness.

Challenge Opportunities: 

   - Visit a Nutritionist or Dietitian
   - Attend a Group Fitness Class
   - Attend a Wellness Clinic
   - Visit the Health Center
   - Drink 8 glasses of water per day
   - Track sleep patterns for a week
   - Be physically active 3-4x this week
   - Reduce or stop the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
   - Complete a Fitness Assessment

Campus Resources: 

Recreation Center
   - Group Fitness Classes
Intramural Sports/Club Sports
Personal Training

Food Pantry
   - Non-perishable food items
Free and discrete service

Health and Wellness Center
   - Massage Therapy
   - Nutritionist
   - Free and Confidential STI testing
Women’s Wellness Clinic/Travel Clinic

Parks in the Area
   - Nature Center at Shake Lakes
   - Acacia
   - Other Cleveland Metroparks

The Emotional Wellness Dimension involves the ability to express feelings, adjust to emotional challenges, cope with life’s stressors, and enjoy life.

Challenge Opportunities: 

   - Attend Counseling or Let’s Talk
   - Yoga/Meditation 
   - Journal
   - Attend a Wellness in the Stacks event 
   - Read a self-help book or listen to a podcast
   - Use a mindfulness or mood tracking app

Campus Resources: 

Counseling Center
   - Let’s Talk
Free and Confidential Counseling

Work in Progress
    - Reach out to a student or faculty member!

The Relaxation Room
 - A state-of-the-art massage recliner
Guided relaxation audio recordings
Computer-based biofeedback programs
Psycho-educational books and handouts
Yoga mats and meditation rugs


The Social Wellness Dimension involves having healthy relationships with friends, family, the community, and having an interest in and concern for the needs of others and humankind.

Challenge Opportunities: 

   - Send a letter to friends or family
         - "Write it Out" with RM Emma, every Wednesday from 7:30-9:00 in Murphy Chapel.

   - Talk with a loved one
   - Prepare a meal with someone
   - Share a cup of coffee or tea with someone
          - Tea Time with RM Niki Wednesdays from 6:15-7:00 in Pacelli Lounge

   - Attend a student org. event or meeting 
   - Talk with a Peer Mentor/RA 
   - Attend a networking event 
   - Attend a CSDI event

Campus Resources: 

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion
   - Melt Peer Mentoring Program
Leadership Retreats and Training
   - Cultural Student Organizations
Educational Opportunities and Events
Food Assistance and Scholarships

Violence Prevention and Action Center
- Crisis intervention / advocacy / support
Safety planning
Resources and referrals
Assistance with accommodations

Office of Student Engagement
   - Leadership Opportunities
Student Organizations
Commuter Services
Campus Event Calendar

Office of Residence Life
   - Community Building
Campus Connections 
Live-In Support Staff