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Everything from obtaining adequate sleep to eating well in the dining hall – and anything in between – will likely contribute to your success as a student at John Carroll University. Establishing and maintaining good health habits is essential, and it is up to you to make sure you are taking care of your body, mind, and spirit while at JCU.

Fitness and Exercise

The benefits of regular fitness and exercise are immeasurable, and can help prevent illness, disability, and premature death. Finding something you enjoy doing can help you maintain a level of physical fitness. Visit the Department of Recreation to find out about opportunities on campus.


Developing good nutrition habits is crucial. Many John Carroll University students will be eating in the dining hall for the first time, and the option to eat unlimited pizza and ice cream may be tempting. Eating fruits and vegetables is important, as is eating breakfast every day. Nutritional information is available in Schott Dining Hall. In addition, students may schedule a free 30-minute, one-on-one consultation with a dietitian in the Student Health and Wellness Center for eating and nutritional concerns.


John Carroll University students report ‘sleep difficulties’ as a leading impediment to academic success (NCHA, 2016). Inadequate sleep, excess studying, socializing, and working may lead to poor sleep habits and stress. Lack of sleep may cause memory problems and the inability to concentrate.

It is recommended that individuals get eight hours of sleep a night. Pulling ‘all-nighters’ can cause sleep deprivation. Although trying to catch up on the weekends may help, long-term irregular sleep may actually interfere with your sleep cycles, causing insomnia.

If you are experiencing difficulty sleeping, implement the following health habits: