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The following terms are commonly used for describing position responsibilities. This is not an all-inclusive list of acceptable terms. You may use other terms that are appropriate.

Responsibility Responsibility Description
Administer to perform or direct in a prescribed manner.
Advise to counsel, recommend, or suggest.
Analyze to systematically study data info or situation to determine a solution or alternatives.
Appraise to evaluate or judge.
Approve authorize action; exercise final authority; act independently without further consultation.
Assist to provide help, support or aid.
Audit examine to verify accuracy, or conformity with requirements.
Authorize give others the power or right to act with final or definite authority.
Conduct to direct the course of.
Control to exercise authority over; to regulate.
Coordinate to organize or harmonize actions, efforts or people for a common goal or purpose.
Counsel give advice and guidance to another.
Delegate entrust to another person’s management and/or handling.
Design to conceive, invent or form a plan for.
Determine to come to a decision; to resolve; to fix conclusively.
Develop to bring gradually and methodically into existence; to expand or realize potential.
Ensure to make sure or certain.
Facilitate to make easier or to expedite.
Implement to provide a plan, procedure or guidance to ensure completion or fulfillment of.
Maintain to keep in existence; to defend or sustain; to preserve or retain.
Manage to plan, organize and control a function by leading and directing subordinates without giving detailed supervision.
Monitor watch, observe, or check for a special purpose; keep track.
Plan to formulate a scheme or program to accomplish or attain a goal or end point.
Promote to contribute to the progress or growth of; to advocate or urge the adoption of.
Propose offer for acceptance or adoption.
Provide furnish necessary information or services.
Oversee to watch over and direct; to supervise.
Recommend to counsel or advise that something be done; to promote something as reputable, worthwhile, desirable.
Review to examine with an eye to criticism, correction, or approval.
Serve actively carry out duties within the framework of a specialized activity, such as a committee.
Supervise to direct and inspect the performance of subordinates; to instruct subordinates in details of the work they perform (either directly or by enforcement of well-established rules), allot work, observe performance in detail and work with subordinates to improve performance.