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  • How can I sign up for a course waitlist?
  • When is the last day I can drop a class? View the Course Registration and Deadline Dates link for the appropriate semester on the Registration and Semester Schedule Information information below.



Room numbers have an alphabetic prefix indicating the building where the rooms are located. Please refer to the following guide:

Abbrev Description
AD Main Administration Building (A Wing)
B Administration Building Wing (between A Wing & O’Malley   Center)
BR Bruening Hall (Lower Level of Boler School of Business)
C Campion Residence Hall
CHES Chesteron Room
CONF Departmental Conference Room
CTS Racquetball Courts
D Dolan Center for Science & Technology (D E – East Wing, D W – West Wing)
FTNS Fitness Center – Corbo Room
GR Green Road Annex
GY Gymnasium (Tony DeCarlo Varsity Center)
IDLE Idlewood Room (D.J. Lombardo Student Center)
KU Kulas Auditorium (Main Administration Building)
LC D.J. Lombardo Student Center
LI Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center
LT Marinello Little Theatre (D.J. Lombardo Student Center)
MU Music Room (D.J. Lombardo Student Center)
OC O’Malley Center for Communications & Language Arts
RC RecPlex (D.J. Lombardo Student Center)
SB Boler School of Business (C Wing – 1st & 2nd   Levels)
TN Tennis Courts
TRAK Track
TRN Training Room
WTRM Weight Room

Tuition charges will be refunded, or credited against a balance due. Semester specific refund dates are located on the withdrawal schedule posted on Student Enrollment & Financial Services web page.

Note: For those students who completely withdraw from the University and are recipients of Federal Title IV funds, the Refund and Repayment Policy is located on the Student Enrollment & Financial Services web page.