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Transfer Credit Information:

  • Transfer Course Equivalencies as of 11.5.19 – Click the filter icon in the top-left corner to search by institution.
    • Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with their advisers about taking courses at other schools.
    • Transfer course equivalencies are reviewed every 4 years for relevancy. Please check the effective term in the equivalency table before registering.
    • Students who want courses to transfer back to JCU differently than they are currently approved will need to submit a petition through the academic petitioning process – The Academic Petition form can be accessed through Banner under the Student Profile.
    • To complete the transfer credit process, students must request their official transcripts be sent directly to the Registrar's Office.
  • Study Abroad Transfer Course Equivalencies as of 11.5.19
    • Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors about taking courses while abroad. 
    • NOTE: Boler students studying abroad at non-AACSB/Boler approved schools may take only ONE course towards their major. Please see your advisor for the list of Boler-approved study abroad institutions.
  • JCU Transient Student Form 12.20.18 – Students should fill out this form with their advisor if the school where they will be taking a course requires written permission/approval.