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Information Requests:

Registration Forms:

Spring 2021 Student Status Forms and Information:

Students were asked in a survey in late November to indicate their status as remote or in-person for their Spring 2021 courses. A student taking a Web/Online course will automatically be a remote student for that course (see Student Status and Course Options below for how to determine if a course is remote). Students who did not respond to the survey are assumed to be in-person students.

Most students added to courses between December 4th and January 15th will be added as in-person students. Students who have elected to be a remote student for all courses will be added as a remote student. Any students added to a course after January 15th will be added as a remote student. 

Students may change to remote at any point during the semester. Changes to in-person between January 15th and January 25th will require instructor permission. No students may change to in-person after January 25th. 

 Please note that release from housing is a separate process managed by the Office of Residence Life. 

Major/Minor Applications:

The major and minor applications have moved to the Student Profile. Students in their first semester at John Carroll are not eligible to declare their major or minor and must use the Update Academic Interests/Intended Major/Minor form to change their intended area of interest. 

Students who are eligible to declare a major or minor can access the new application by logging into their Student Profile and following the instructions below:

  1. Click on the four small squares (i.e., waffle) in the top left-hand corner next to "Ellucian".
  2. Select Banner. 
  3. Select "Registration and Academic Services".
  4. Select the appropriate link to declare your primary or secondary major, or minor.

*Students are reminded that they must first declare a primary major before declaring a minor.

Update Student Record Forms:


Transfer Credit Information:

  • Transfer Course Equivalencies as of 11.5.2020 – Click the filter icon in the top-left corner to search by institution.
    • Students are also strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors about taking courses at other schools.
    • Transfer course equivalencies are reviewed every 4 years for relevancy. Please check the effective term in the equivalency table before registering.
    • Students who want courses to transfer back to JCU differently than they are currently approved will need to submit a petition through the academic petitioning process – The Academic Petition form can be accessed through Banner under the Student Profile.
    • To complete the transfer credit process, students must request their official transcripts be sent directly from the institution to the Registrar's Office.
  • Study Abroad Transfer Course Equivalencies as of 11.5.2020
    • Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisors about taking courses while abroad. 
    • NOTE: Boler students studying abroad at non-AACSB/Boler approved schools may take only ONE course towards their major. Please see your advisor for the list of Boler-approved study abroad institutions.
  • JCU Transient Student Form – Students should fill out this form with their advisor if the school where they will be taking a course requires written permission/approval.