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As a cross-divisional council of administrative leaders and faculty, staff, and student representatives, UCSLE enacts a collaborative and integrative approach to policies, programs, or sponsored events that are aligned with the strategic plan and the University learning goals. It examines issues such as orientation and advising, experiential education, persistence and completion, career services, diversity and inclusivity, service, justice, and mission and identity. UCSLE members are charged with informing and reporting back to the constituencies they represent.

Steven Herbert Co-Chair, Provost and Academic Vice President
Sherri Crahen Co-Chair, Associate VP, Student Affairs
Laura Atkins Interim Assistant Provost for Student Success
Todd Bruce Assistant Provost, IEA
Lisa Cornelius Director of Residence Life
Carlo DeMarchi Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
Rebecca Drenovsky Dean, Graduate Studies
Sr. Katherine Feely Director, Center for Service & Social Action
Tiffany Galvin Green Vice President, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Joanna Garcia Elected Faculty - BSOB (2022)
Bonnie Gunzenhauser Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Rodney Hessinger CAS Associate Dean for Humanities and Social Sciences
Sania Khan Graduate Student Rep
Kaeleigh Kirkwood '22 Student Rep
James Krukones Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
Stephanie Levenson Vice President for Enrollment
Nikki Marzano Director, Career Services 
Michelle Millet Library Director
Scott Moore Interim Dean, Boler School of Business
Michelle Morgan Senior Director, Athletics
Maria O'Connor Director, Institutional Research 
Kyle O'Dell Senior Director, Student Engagement
Mark Onusko Director, University Counseling Services
Edward Peck Vice President for Mission and Identity
Zachary Rhodes Director of Enrollment
John Scarano Director, Campus Ministry
Amy Wainwright Elected Faculty - CAS (2023)
Mark Waner Chair, Faculty Council
Claudia Wenzel Asst VP, Enrollment & Financial Services
TBD Staff Council Rep

Spring 2021 Meetings (Thursdays, 2:00-3:30 p.m.)

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Any Additional Meeting material




Fall 2020 Meetings (9:30 a.m. unless otherwise noted)

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Any Additional Meeting Material
9/29/20 - 11:00 a.m. 9/29/20 Agenda 9/29/20 Minutes  
10/21/20 10 /21/20 Agenda 10/21/20 Minutes  
11/11/20 11/11/20 Agenda 11/11/20 Minutes  
12/2/20 12/2/20 Agenda    

Fall 2019 – Spring 2020 Meetings (8:30 a.m. in CAS Conference Room)

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Any Additional Meeting Material
9/11/19 9/11/19 Agenda    
9/25/19 Time held for Strategic Planning    
10/9/19    Time held for Strategic Planning    
10/23/19 Time held for Strategic Planning    
11/6/19 Time held for Strategic Planning    
11/20/19 Time held for Strategic Planning    
12/4/19 Time held for Strategic Planning    
12/18/19 Time held for Strategic Planning    
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Any Additional Meeting Materials
9/5/18 CANCELLED    
9/19/18 9/19/18 Agenda 9/19/18 Notes  
10/3/18 10/3/18 Agenda 10/3/18 Notes  
10/17/18 10/17/18 Agenda 10/17/18 Notes  
10/31/18 CANCELLED    
11/14/18 CANCELLED    
11/28/18 11/28/18 Agenda 11/28/18 Notes  
12/12/18 12/12/18 Agenda 12/12/18 Notes  
1/16/19 1/16/19 Agenda 1/16/19 Notes  
1/30/19 CANCELLED    
2/13/19 2/13/19 Agenda 2/13/19 Notes  
Hold for Working Group meetings if needed
No UCSLE Meeting    
3/20/19 3/20/19 Agenda 3/20/19 Notes  
4/3/19 CANCELLED    
4/17/19 4/17/19 Agenda 4/17/19 Notes  
5/1/19 5/1/19  Agenda    
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Any Additional Meeting Materials
9/6/17 Agenda Meeting Notes  
9/20/17 Subcommittees meeting  
10/4/2017 Agenda Meeting Notes  
10/18/17 Subcommittees meeting  
11/1/17 Agenda Meeting Notes  
11/15/17 Subcommittees meeting    
11/29/17 Agenda Meeting Notes  
12/13/17 Agenda Meeting Notes  
1/24/18 Agenda Meeting Notes  
2/7/18 Agenda Meeting Notes  
2/21/18 Agenda Meeting Notes  
3/21/18 Agenda Meeting Notes  
4/4/18 Meeting Cancelled    
4/18/18 Agenda Meeting Notes  
5/2/18 Agenda    

Retention Community Meeting Presentation Spring 2018



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