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Dear Students,

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) appreciates the flexibility you've shown in adapting to changes in our office while navigating the larger challenges of the recent campus transitions. This semester, please remember to renew your letter of accommodation (LOA) by filling out this form if you have not already completed this with SAS. When you've received your updated LOA from SAS, please email it to your instructors as soon as possible and discuss your accommodations with them. It is important to keep in mind, accommodations are not active until you have given your LOA to your professors and accommodations are not retroactive. 

If you would like assistance with academic coaching, including study stills, time management and organization our Graduate Assistants, Ella McNamara and Stephanie Newrones are available to schedule in person and zoom check-in meetings. Also, our new Administrative Assistant, Elizabeth Cross is here to provide office assistance and answer any questions. Accessibility Specialist Elise Williams in her new role, is here to provide additional support with accommodations. To schedule an appointment with any staff member or to ask questions email, call (216) 397-4967 or stop by Dolan-109E.

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Testing-  Please see the Test Accommodations in STC & SAS tab for more information.  Please note, for students who receive the accommodations of extra-test time or a distraction reduced environment you should try to make arrangements with your instructors to receive these accommodations in the classroom or academic department. If after talking with your instructor, the accommodations cannot be met in the classroom or department, then you may schedule to take your exam at the Satellite Testing Center (STC). The STC is located in the Dolan- W139 with limited hours. Please schedule 3 business (Monday-Friday) days in advance by emailing the STC test proctor 

If your LOA specifies the use of assistive technology (text to speech or speech to text software) and/or specialized equipment for testing accommodations, you may schedule to take your exams at SAS and should do so 3 business (Monday-Friday) days in advance. To do so please email, call (216) 397-4967 or stop by Dolan-109E.

We will keep you updated on any other future changes.

Have a great semester! 


Allison West Kaskey, Director

Student Accessibility Services


Satellite Testing Center (STC) and Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Testing Center:

Which One Do I Schedule With?:

Are you using specialized software (i.e. text-to-speech, speech-to-text, word processor) or equipment (i.e. health monitoring system, use of a computer) during your test? 

  • Yes: schedule with SAS ( in the SAS Testing Center
  • No: Schedule with the Test Proctor ( for the Satellite Testing Center (STC). All other testing accommodations (i.e. extended test time, reduced distraction environment, etc.) are to be scheduled at the Satellite Testing Center. (Please see below for details). 

Schedule your Test:

To schedule your test at the Satellite Testing Center or Student Accessibility Services:

  1. Schedule 3 Business (Monday-Friday) days in advance by emailing  OR (if you are using specialized software and/or equipment such as a computer accommodation). Include the following information: class name, instructor name, day and time taking test, and length of test. *Please Note: Times in the STC are limited, please see below.

  2. Complete the student section of the Exam Administration Form (Click Here for Fillable PDF/ Click Here for Wordand submit to your instructor a week prior to the test.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact SAS at

Satellite Testing Center: 

The goal of the Satellite Testing Center (STC) is to support John Carroll University in carrying out testing accommodations for registered SAS students. 

The satellite testing center will operate with limited hours; therefore, your instructors should first try to meet your accommodations in the classroom or the academic department. If after talking with your instructor the accommodations cannot be met in the classroom or department by your instructor, then you may schedule to take their exam at the Satellite Testing Center. 

Location: Dolan Science Center W139

Satellite Testing Center Hours:

Monday- 11:30am-1:30pm

Tuesday- 1:00pm-4:00pm 

Wednesday- 11:30am-1:30pm 

Thursday- 1:00pm-4:00pm

Friday- 11:00am-2:00pm

*Note: If you need to schedule during a day/time that is different from your original class time (of the test/quiz) your instructor will need to give permission on the Exam Administration Form for you to take the exam at an alternate day/time. 

SAS Testing Center- For students with specialized software and/ or equipment

SAS will continue to proctor students who use specialized software (speech to text, text to speech, etc) and/or equipment (use of computer as an accommodation as noted on your letter of accommodation). Students should schedule 3 Business (Monday-Friday) days in advance with SAS and faculty may email the exam and administration form to The SAS Testing Center is available Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm.

Housing Accommodations:

Application: Click Here for PDF / Click Here for Word Document 

All requests for housing accommodations for students with disabilities will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodation Committee.  Students must provide documentation that indicates a diagnosed impairment that is a current substantial limitation to a major life activity as it relates to housing.  If this is a new request, please provide current and comprehensive documentation of the disorder from a current treatment/assessment professional that is qualified to make the diagnosis. The Office of Residence Life will determine an appropriate housing assignment based on accommodation approval and availability in housing vacancies.  Student Accessibility Services reserves the right to request additional documentation if necessary in order to provide appropriate services.  To request housing accommodations for the first time, Part I must be completed by the student and Part II must be completed by a current treatment/assessment professional. To renew a housing accommodation request, only Part I must be completed by the student. Please complete the necessary part(s) of the application (linked above) in its entirety.  

Upon completion, please submit to:

Student Accessibility Services  
John Carroll University 
1 John Carroll Boulevard  
University Heights, Ohio 44118 
Phone: (216) 397-4967 
Fax: (216) 397-1820 

This request form must be submitted each year according to housing deadlines in order to review and renew (as appropriate) accommodations provided through Residence Life.   


Meal Plan Accommodation:

Application: Click Here for PDF / Click Here for Word Document

John Carroll’s Dining Services offers a wide variety of dining options capable of accommodating many different dietary needs. The goal of this process is to provide students with the tools they need to be active in the management of their allergy or food-related medical condition within the dining program. After this request form has been reviewed by Student Accessibility Services, the student may be asked to meet with dining services to discuss dining options.  John Carroll University is committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of university life, including the dining experience. As a residential university, John Carroll University requires that all students living on campus participate in the meal plan available through dining services. Virtually all students’ needs can be met through the standard meal plan options. However, students with conditions whose needs cannot be met through this process may request meal plan accommodations. The application (linked above) must be completed and submitted to the office of Student Accessibility Services to request meal plan accommodations.  


Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodation:

Application: Click Here for PDF / Click Here for Word Document

John Carroll University provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who have a verifiable need for a reasonable accommodation. A reasonable accommodation is an exception to the usual rules, policies, practices, or services that a resident with a disability may need to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy university housing. The Reasonable Accommodation Verification Form for Emotional Support Animals (application linked above) authorizes an appropriately qualified health professional who has evaluated the student resident, to provide the information requested on this form. 

Assistive Technology Resources

Please be aware that you may need to update your computer software/ applications in order for programs to work at their optimal level.

Text-to-Speech & Screen Readers:

Speech-to-Text (Transcription):

Text Magnifiers

  • Mac Users: use the Zoom located in “System Preferences,” under “Accessibility.” Zoom will increase font size, but will not work as a screen reader.
  • Windows Users: Windows Magnifier will work to increase font size, but will not necessarily work as a screen reader (needs Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7).


Bookshare (E-Text Accommodation):

The cost of membership is covered by SAS services for students with an E-Text accommodation. Bookshare believes that people with print disabilities should have the same ease of access to books and periodicals that people without disabilities enjoy. The library provides legal access to over 988,00 titles which include books, textbooks, and more. The reading can be customized in audio, audio + highlighted text, braille, large font, and others!
Information source:

Online Video Tutorial: Click Here

Website tour of Bookshare: Click Here

A Note from CSDI Wayfinders Program Coordinator: 

Image that states "John Carroll University"



Fall 2021 Semester (Updated October, 2021)

Hello everyone, 

Another week over and another opportunity to work a PAID micro-internship and gain valuable professional experience!  Our current in-person & remote opportunities are the following:

Each of these projects pays $247.50 for 20 hours!

Similar to handshake, we have a website found here:

Please create an account on the website and fill out as much information. It is very important that you mark JCU under education to view/apply to our internships. You can also connect to your Linkedin, or you can share your resume on Parker Dewey. You will see the projects already posted! If you apply for any position, send me an email so I can follow up. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.



Kendra Cundiff

Wayfinders Program Coordinator

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion | John Carroll University

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


SAS Career Workshop:

SAS teamed up with JCU Career Services and JCU Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion (CSDI) to talk about Career, the Wayfinders Program and JCU Micro-Internships. The links and resources to these topics can be found below. 

SAS Career Workshop-Career Services Powerpoint:

SAS Career Workshop Additional Information and Resources (Career Services & CSDI):

SAS Career Workshop- Career Services Video Presentation:

SAS Career Workshop Video Q & A Panel:

Additional SAS Career Powerpoint: 


Letter of Accommodation Request Form

Would you like to add another course?
Would you like to add another course?
Would you like to add another course?
Would you like to add another course?
Would you like to add another course?
Would you like to add another course?
Would you like to add another course?


I understand my letter of accommodation will be transmitted electronically via email and that I am responsible for contacting my instructors and supplying them with a copy of my letter at my earliest convenience to receive accommodations. I understand accommodations are not retroactive.

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