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Statement on JCU Website and Other Accessibility Efforts

Consistent with its mission, John Carroll University seeks to ensure that every student, faculty, staff member and visitor feels welcome and has the equal access to work and educational opportunities. Accessibility helps make every member of the campus community feel welcome by providing all with access to educational and employment information and services.

This year, the University is moving toward an expanded comprehensive website accessibility plan as a next step toward creating a more inclusive atmosphere where every student can effectively learn and thrive, every employee can perform to full potential, and every visitor on the JCU website feels welcome.

During this transitional period while JCU designs a new website and a comprehensive plan to make our website and other information technology accessible on campus and online, the University is implementing certain interim initiatives to make itself more accessible. The University is taking these initiatives as initial good-faith efforts to become more accessible to individuals with disabilities in the process of achieving full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Current planned initiatives include: providing guidance on accessibility requirements for web content providers for use in web pages; developing a plan for accessibility updates including updates to high-use and priority web pages as necessary to be fully web-accessible; training employees on accessibility best practices; and adding accessibility requirements into contracts with vendors and suppliers.

The University has formed a Task Force to review and implement web accessibility initiatives. The Task Force includes:

Garry Homany, Director of Regulatory Affairs/Risk Management, and ADA Disability Coordinator – or (216) 397-1982

Allison West Kaskey, Director of Student Accessibility Services, and ADA Disability Coordinator – or (216) 397-4967

Todd Bruce, Assistant Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Advising - or (216) 397-1600

Kathleen Lawry, Executive Director, Marketing – or (216) 397-3022

John Sully, Associate CIO – or (216) 397-1965

Colleen Treml, General Counsel – or (216) 397-1590

Kenneth Danton, Assistant General Counsel – or (216) 397-1590

If you have comments or input regarding web accessibility issues or initiatives, please contact any member of the Web Accessibility Task Force.

If you have a concern about accessibility of a particular web page or site, please submit the concern via the form or to these offices:

For Students:

Allison West Kaskey
Director of Student Accessibility Services, and ADA Disability Coordinator or (216) 397-4967

For Staff and Faculty:

Garry Homany
Director of Regulatory Affairs/Risk Management, and ADA Disability Coordinator or (216) 397-1982