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Megan Wilson-Reitz & Tiffany Galvin Green, Ph.D.

A.C.E.S. Online - How to Contribute to the Work of Racial Equity

Join Dr. Tiffany Galvin Green, VP for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, and Megan Wilson-Reitz '10G, Admin. Coordinator for Diversity & Equity, for a discussion on to be more effective members of multiracial communities.

Colin Swearingen

The Political Impact of COVID-19

How will the coronavirus pandemic impact basic civics in 2020 and beyond? Colin Swearingen, Ph.D. will walk through some of the key areas of our society that will be altered in the short-term and possibly forever.

Three panelists

The Role of the Media in Today's Society

Everywhere we go we are consuming information. Learn more about the role of the Media and News Agencies in today's society with professors Peggy Finucane, Ph.D. '80 and Brent Brossmann, Ph.D. and journalist Andrew Rafferty '09.

Previous Sessions of A.C.E.S. - Online available On-Demand. 

Please use the A.C.E.S Online registration form to request the link to recordings. 

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