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Department of Math and Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at John Carroll University. We offer undergraduate majors in mathematics, teaching math, computer science, computer science with healthcare information technology, and data science – as well as a master’s degree in mathematics for secondary teachers.

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Math & Computer Science Scholarships

The department offers several scholarships to qualified students intending to major in mathematics, computer science, or teaching mathematics.

Programs of Study

Our department offers undergraduate and graduate-level degrees along with a variety of minors. Programs of study include:

  • Undergraduate majors in computer science, computer science with healthcare technology, data science, mathematics, and teaching math,
  • Minors in actuarial science, computer science, computer science with healthcare technology, data science, mathematics, and statistics
  • Graduate and postbaccalaureate programs in mathematics for secondary teachers


Bachelor of Arts in Teaching Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts in teaching mathematics prepares students to become teachers of mathematics at the AYA (adolescent and young adult) level. As a teaching mathematics major, you’ll develop advanced knowledge in mathematics concepts and application and receive a solid foundation in educational methods, learning and development, and instructional technologies. You also will gain valuable professional experience both through observing and teaching in AYA classrooms.

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Bachelor of Science in Data Science

Data science provides powerful approaches for transforming large and complex data into information, knowledge, and intelligent decisions. Data science is a field at the intersection of statistics, computer science, mathematics, and real world application domains.

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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

The major in Mathematics leading to the Bachelor of Science prepares students for immediate employment after completion of the degree or for graduate study.

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Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers two major programs in computing: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Healthcare Information Technology.

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Computer Science with Healthcare Technology

As a healthcare information technology major, you’ll learn what it takes to function as a fully capable software developer in any professional environment, but specifically tailor your skills to the rapidly expanding healthcare IT field.

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Mathematics Content Area for Middle Childhood Education Majors

The major in middle childhood education is administered by the Department of Education. Students who choose this major are required to select two curriculum content areas from language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

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Actuarial Science Minor

Minor in Actuarial Science: 30 credit hours. These courses prepare the students for Exams P and FM of the Society of Actuaries, cover the required Foundational Quantitative content areas and prove the Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) for Applied Stats and Economics.

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Computer Science Minor

Minor in Computer Science: 22 credit hours.

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Computer Science with Healthcare Technology Minor

Minor in Computer Science with Healthcare Technology: 22 credit hours.

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Data Science Minor

Minor in Data Science: 22 credit hours.

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Mathematics Minor

Minor in Mathematics: 23-24 credit hours.

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Statistics & Analytics Minor

Minor in Statistics and Analytics: 18-20 credit hours.

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Graduate Courses in Mathematics

The Master of Science program at John Carroll University combines the classical tradition of pure mathematics with the option of coursework in applied mathematics.

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M.A. in Mathematics for Secondary Teachers

Our program, designed specifically for classroom teachers of secondary mathematics, reflects the NCTM standards and the recommendations of the Mathematical Association of America. The M.A. in Mathematics combines topics directly related to the secondary curriculum with enrichment material which you can apply directly to your own classes.

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