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Incoming freshmen should register for a psychology cohort advising group during orientation to make sure they get the right sequence of courses to take full advantage of the range of courses available for both graduate school or careers right after graduation.

Academic advisors
  • The relationship you develop with your advisor is an important one. He or she will help you plan your course work and registration each semester, but your advisor can also be a advocate and confidant.
  • Your advisor can offer helpful suggestions when you are making career decisions, seeking internships, trying to improve your study habits, or just deciding what courses to take next semester.
  • If your advisor gets to know you, he or she can also become an important source of a good recommendation for that internship or first job.
  • You are required to meet with your advisor before registration, but more frequent contact is highly recommended.
General academic advising
Declaring your major or minor

Declaring a major sophomore year

When you have completed 45 credit hours, it is time to declare Psychology as your major.

  • Fill out the Application for declaration of major, print the confirmation email you receive from the Registrar’s Office and take it to the administrative assistant’s office in Dolan E 301.
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  • Make an appointment to meet with the Department Chair or a concentration coordinator, if applicable. We will review your application and assign you to an academic advisor within the Psychology Department, if you do not already have one.

Declaring a minor

To declare a minor, complete this application, print the confirmation email you receive from the Registrar's Office and take to the appropriate academic department's office.

Career coaching

Consider scheduling an appointment with a career advisor in the Career center as well as with an academic advisor. Career coaching focuses on who you are as a whole person as you engage in the process of career exploration. Career coaching assists students interested in choosing an academic major or graduate program, identifying potential careers or areas of professional interest, or working to integrate their academic and/or professional pursuits with their broader life choices.