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In and out of the classroom, JCU students accomplish a great deal and leave their mark on our campus and in the community. Our merit scholarship programs have been designed to honor students with similar backgrounds and celebrate what they have done throughout high school in hopes that they can share those talents with us.

Our merit programs are highly competitive, and some of our unique programs go beyond academic scholarships and reward commitment to leadership and service as well.

When you submit your application for admission, you’ll automatically be considered for merit scholarships up to $27,000.

Listed scholarship values are annual amounts that automatically renew for a total of four years, as long as academic and conduct standards are maintained. Students are notified of their scholarship at the time of admission.

Please note: The GPA listed for each scholarship below represents the average GPA of students offered admission for fall 2019. Updated information for students applying to JCU for fall 2021 will be available soon. 

Magis Scholarship

Up to $27,000 

A average 

Presidential Scholarship

Up to $24,000

A-/B+ average 

University Scholarship

Up to $20,000

B+/B average 

Ignatian Award

Up to $14,000

Students not eligible for the above scholarships will be considered for this award which emphasizes strong work ethic, leadership, and commitment to service. 

In addition to our merit scholarships, we offer four highly competitive mission-based scholarships. These scholarships include the Arrupe Scholars Program, Honors Program, Leadership Scholars Program, and Social Innovation Fellows Program. Each of these programs includes required coursework and meaningful experiences throughout your time at JCU.

These programs require a separate online application due by December 1. If you are planning to apply for any of our mission-based scholarships, your application for admission to John Carroll must also be completed by the December 1 deadline. 

*Mission-Based Scholarships are exclusively available to incoming first-year students. Students receiving an offer of admission to any of the Mission-Based programs must enroll at John Carroll University in the term in which they were admitted to the University. If you decline your offer of admission for the term in which you were initially admitted, you will not have the opportunity to enroll in that Mission-Based program and receive the associated Mission-Based program scholarship as a transfer student later on. Transfer students are eligible to apply for the honors program once a grade point average has been established at JCU, however, the honors program scholarship is not available to students who enter the program as transfer students.

Access the mission-based scholarships application here

Arrupe Scholars Program
Up to $5,000 scholarship per year
Awarded to students who have a strong commitment to issues of social justice interested in developing the skills to be effective agents for positive social change.
Learn more about the program

Honors Program
Up to $5,000 scholarship per year
Awarded to high-achieving students who are eager to cultivate their intellectual curiosity and engage actively in their learning. 
Learn more about the program

Leadership Scholars Program
Up to $5,000 scholarship per year
Awarded to students who have the greatest potential to have an impact on the John Carroll community and the world around them. Perhaps different from other awards based on leadership, selection isn’t based on previous positional leadership roles.
Learn more about the program

Social Innovation Fellows Program
Up to $5,000 scholarship per year
Awarded to students dedicated to becoming social innovators and entrepreneurs who are inspired by Ignatian values – rigor, generosity, gratitude, inclusivity, solidarity, and a desire for the greater good.
Learn more about the program

Boler College of Business: Ernest Snider Scholarship

Awarded to an incoming first-year student who intends to pursue a business major.

Boler College of Business: KeyBank Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to African American and Hispanic Pell grant recipients enrolled in the Boler College of Business.

Boler College of Business: Vincent Campanella Scholarship

Awarded to an incoming first-year student intending to study in the Boler College of Business with strong academic performance and financial need.

Boler College of Business: Alex and Susan Schmitt Scholarship

Awarded to two incoming first-year students intending to study in the Boler College of Business with financial need.

Classics: Castellano Scholarship*
One Full-tuition

An application is required for this full-tuition, four-year scholarship available to incoming first-year student who has studied Latin at the secondary level for at least three years and intends to major in Classical Languages at JCU. Many recipients of the Castellano Scholarship also major in a second field of their choice in addition to classics. In order to retain the scholarship, students must enroll in a Latin or Greek class each semester and maintain a 3.0 average in the major and overall.

Dr. Henry Dardy Scholarship*

An application is required for this scholarship which is awarded to two incoming first-year students (one male and one female) pursuing a degree in the sciences, with a preference given to a Physics major.  This scholarship renews annually as long as the recipient continues to major in the sciences and maintains a GPA of at least 3.0.

STEM Major: Choose Ohio First Scholarship*

This scholarship is designed to strengthen Ohio’s competitiveness within Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM).  Students must be Ohio residents intending to major in a STEMM discipline (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Exercise Science, Mathematics, Physics, or Neuroscience) at JCU.  An application is required, and recipients are required to maintain a 3.0 overall GPA and a 3.0 STEMM GPA. Priority application deadline is December 1, 2019; applications will be considered through March 1, 2020

Chemistry Department: Edmund B. Thomas Scholarship* 

An application is required for this scholarship, which is awarded to an outstanding incoming first-year student who intends to pursue a major in Chemistry. It is renewable annually as long as the recipient continues their study of Chemistry with a GPA of 3.0 or better.

English Department: Francis J. Smith S.J. Scholar*

An application is required. Awarded to an incoming first-year student planning to study English with an interest in Creative Writing. A HS GPA of 3.4 or SAT above 1100 is required.

Mastin Scholarship

Presented to an incoming first-year student with a major in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology. The recipient must be a National Merit Scholarship finalist/semi-finalist or have a minimum ACT composite score of 27.

Mathematics and Computer Science Department: Department Scholarship*
Up to $3,000

Application required. This scholarship is renewable each year upon maintaining satisfactory progress (GPA of at least 2.75) toward a degree offered by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science:  Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Healthcare Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Data Science, or Bachelor of Arts in Teaching Mathematics.

Physics Department: Lawrence J. Monville, S. J. Scholarship* 

An application is required for this scholarship, which is awarded to outstanding incoming first-year student with high academic achievement who intends to pursue a major in Physics or Engineering Physics. Students interested in the 3-2 Engineering program are also eligible. This scholarship renews annually as long as the recipient continues to pursue a major in the Physics Department with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

John Carroll has many department, donor, and alumni-supported scholarships based on various criteria such as intended major or geographic area.

These funds are awarded to incoming first-year students only and are renewable for an additional three years.

The deadline to apply for these awards, unless otherwise noted, is February 1, 2020. Decisions will be made by March 1, 2020.

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Be sure to research and apply for outside scholarships, which can help you gain additional support for your John Carroll educational experience. All legitimate scholarship searches should be free and should not ask for any credit card or bank information. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of a scholarship offer or search, please do not hesitate to contact Student Enrollment and Financial Services or the Better Business Bureau.

Explore a list of reputable scholarship search engines our students have found helpful and scholarships we hope our students pursue.