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Banner is the integrated database system used at John Carroll University to coordinate and manage student and employee information and business processes throughout the university.

Canvas (Learning Management System)

Canvas is a virtual hub for student services that provides access to online course materials, grades, organizations, accounts, and many other academic and campus services.

Gartner Portal

Information Technology Services has a licensing agreement to provide current JCU students, faculty, and staff access to in-depth research and analysis on information technology topics from Gartner Inc.

JCU Alert

John Carroll University has partnered with Rave Wireless to provide an emergency alert system. John Carroll students are loaded into the system upon intake. Alert preferences can be changed by logging in to the Rave Wireless site.


Qualtrics is a Web-based service that allows you to easily create a survey, collect and store data securely, analyze responses, and present results using professional-quality graphs. John Carroll University has a site license for the Qualtrics Survey Service. It is available to all JCU students, faculty, and staff, at no cost. The service can be used to support teaching, academic research, and institutional business.


SpaceFinder tracks and reserves rooms for events on campus. Additional media equipment and technician support can be requested.


Employees may use Tableau as the primary visual tool for data analysis and sharing.

Event Management System (SpaceFinder)

gartner  campus agreement image with text

Information Technology Services has a licensing agreement to provide current JCU students, faculty, and staff access to in-depth research and analysis on information technology topics from Gartner Inc.

The JCU community can access this research by logging into the Gartner Portal using their JCU Campus username and password.

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What is Gartner?
Gartner Core Research provides in-depth, impartial research and opinions from top IT industry analysts regarding technology related market intelligence data, research, advancements, and products.

Gartner provides insights on:

  • Technology-related research
  • Current trends in technology
  • Business issues in different industries
  • IT strategy and management
  • Technology case studies

Ways to use Gartner

  • Gartner research can help students learn about how technology is used in the industry as part of their course studies or job hunts.
  • Faculty and instructors can use Gartner to highlight case studies to bring real-world issues regarding technology into the classroom.
  • Staff can use Gartner to assist in criteria when making technology-based business decisions. Searching Gartner provides articles to help understand of a solution, situation, best practice, or business area under consideration.

Gartner terms and conditions

About JCU Google Suite

  • All students, faculty and staff accounts include access to G Suite for Education (formally known as Google Apps for Education).
  • The agreement between John Carroll University and Google provides enhanced features and protections such as:
    • Creating Appointment Slots in Google Calendar;
    • Unlimited storage for JCU Google Mail and Drive

Featured Apps

  • JCU Gmail: Unlimited storage, easy access from anywhere, and integration with your Calendar.
  • JCU Calendar: View, share and edit your calendars, schedule meetings, and see your academic timetable.
  • Google Hangouts: Use Hangouts to send instant messages, make voice and video calls, and share photos.
  • Google Drive: Create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms.
  • Google Sites: Creating a web page is as simple as writing a document with Google Sites, and you can easily embed documents, presentations and videos to develop interactive web sites.

Other Helpful Information


(previously Atomic Learning) provides short, easy-to-use web-based tutorials on more than 250 common software and operating systems, including Adobe Creative Suite, Google Drive, Mac OS X, Microsoft Office Suite, Twitter, Windows, and more! You can also go beyond the ‘how-to’ with workshops, career skills, and college success training that is specifically designed to teach faculty, staff, and students how to best implement soft skills in personal life, courses, and educational careers.

  • Staff – Use Hoonuit for supplemental professional development and on-the-job assistance.
  • Faculty – Use Hoonuit in your syllabus or consider using the tutorials yourself.
  • Students – Use Hoonuit to stay current in your courses or for classes that require additional software skills.

With Hoonuit, you can learn at your own pace and access course content anytime, 24/7, from your University computer, personal computer, mobile device or tablet.

For assistance accessing Hoonuit, contact the JCU Service Desk at 216-397-3005 or submit a support request.

Office 2016 Training Resources

You can begin to familiarize yourself with Office 2016 and its many features by exploring the following resources.

Online Training Videos

Atomic Learning training videos can be accessed from anywhere 24/7. Use your campus username and password to login and view the videos.

Use the links below, or log in at to search for the video that interests you.

Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides are available for Office 2016 to showcase the basic functions of each application.

Learn more about Office 2016 here: What’s New and Improved in Office 2016

As always, please contact our Service Desk for support: or 216-397-3005. We thank you for your patience while we improve this service for the John Carroll community.

Log in to the Self Service with your Campus ID and password to report issues or make requests for IT services. Your ticket will automatically be routed to the ITS team best suited for troubleshooting based on the information you provide.

Submitting a Service Request

Watch this 3-minute video about creating a service ticket and checking the status of current tickets.