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Google Drive

Faculty and students get access to Google Drive with unlimited data storage space. It can be accessed from multiple devices with a single google account.

H Drive (Personal Network Drive)

Personal Drives are roaming drives on network. John Carroll employees home directories are allocated 5 GB of storage. Student home directories (H: drive) are allocated 3 GB of storage.

O Drive (Dept. Network Drive)

Shared Departmental drives have data storage capacity of 20 GB.

O Drive (Dept. Network Drive)

O Drive (Dept. Network Drive)

Do you need access to the O drive (the shared drive for your department)? If so follow these instructions:

  1. Click on the Windows logo in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.
  2. Search “This PC” or Press “Win + E” on your keyboard.
  3. When the computer window shows up, click on “Map network drive” button at the middle top part of the window (another window will pop up).
  4. Change the “drive” dropdown to O: (you can choose any letter though).
  5. Next to “Folder:” type in the following:\\kermit\dept$
  6. If you want to be able to connect using different credentials then you logged in with, check the appropriate check box at the bottom of the window.
  7. Click the finish button and then a window will then pop up with a list of department (select the department that applies to you).
  8. If you selected to use different credentials in one of the earlier steps, type in those credentials now (if not, ignore this step).

If this doesn’t work, please call the Service Desk at 216.397.3005.

H Drive (Personal Network Drive)

H Drive (Personal Network Drive)

From the start Menu, right-click Computer and select “Map Network Drive


  • Select drive H: then type in “Path” or “Folder” \\kermit\home$\username


  • Select drive H: then type in “Path” or “Folder” \\kermit\shome$\username
  • Select drive W: then type in “Path” or “Folder” \\stuweb08\username$

Check box that says “Reconnect at Logon.”If a pop-up screen appears asking for a username and password, enter: Active Directory Credentials (Same as Canvas)

Mapped drives should then appear in “My Computer” window.