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2017-18 Academic Year – The Work of the Committee

The following is a summary of the major votes, decisions and proposals of the ICCC during the 2017-18 AY. For details, please click the meeting date to download approved meeting minutes from that meeting.

August 28, 2017:

  • Voted (10/0/0) to approve minor changes to four Core grading rubrics. Changes proposed by the Director of Assessment in collaboration with members of the ICCC. Changes were made to the rubrics for Foundational Writing, Integrated Writing, Additional Writing in the Major, and Engaging the Global Community.
  • Established a plan to convene assessment coordinators in each division in order to establish learning goals for the Distribution Courses by October 15.
  • Established an ad hoc subcommittee to study the question (raised during the Core revision process last spring) of “double dipping” in the Core.
  • Approved (9/0/1) four Biology courses to carry Capstone designation (BL 410, BL 415, BL 447, BL 424).

September 11, 2017:

  • Established consistent annual deadlines of April 5 and November 5 for all applications for Core Course Designations. (November 5 = deadline for designation proposals for courses to be offered the following fall; April 5 = deadline for courses for the following spring as well the summer term beyond that.)
  • Approved (10/0/0) one History course (HS 281, Contemporary East Asian History) to carry EGC designation.
  • Established an ad hoc subcommittee to study the question of moving to a sampling process for Core assessment procedures.
  • Reviewed and made corrections to an updated document “Faculty Guidelines for the Core Curriculum,” to be published and distributed to faculty soon.

September 18, 2017:

  • Updates and discussion on various projects underway, including establishment of Distribution Course goals and a preliminary report of findings from the “double dipping” subcommittee. No decisions made at this meeting.

October 2, 2017:

  • Approved (8/0/3) HS 397, Women in the Catholic Church, to carry EGC designation
  • Approved (9/0/1) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 3 linked course pairs (HS 3XX/PS3XX, History and Memory; EN 299/PS 2XX, Trauma in Psychology & Literature; PO 215/TRS 349, Islam and Politics
  • Approved (7/0/3) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 4 linked course pairs (PH 117/COMM 250, Science & Policy of Climate Change; CH 174/IC 209, Chemistry of Food & the Global Table; BL 140/EN 299, Biology & Literature of Consciousness; PO 213/CH 172, Forensics of Wrongful Convictions)
  • Approved (8/0/2) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 2 linked course pairs (COMM 420/SC 355, Race & Ethnicity in Theatre; COMM 335/EN 277, American Writing & Film)
  • Approved (8/0/2) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to 3 EGC courses (HS 245, US Foreign Relations; PO 332, African Politics; CL 302, Power & Identity in the Roman Republic)

October 9, 2017:

  • Approved (10/0/0) a series of 14 capstone courses for the Biology department (BL 406, 417, 419, 420, 423, 426, 435, 444, 454, 459, 465, 470, 471, 475), including AW and OP designations for some (see approved courses link for more designation details)
  • Approved (8/0/2) HS 397/IC 399, Japan Study Tour, for EGC credit, effective Spring 2018
  • Discussed three proposals to bring to dept. chairs for preliminary discussion: 1) moving to a course-based, rather than instructor-based, system of assigning Core course designations; 2) including new majors (such as EAP and DATA) in the lists of approved departments to offer Distribution courses; and 3) instituting a set of criteria that could be used to establish a ‘first year appropriate’ designation for particular courses
  • Decided to put out a Call for Proposals for Course Development Grants for Fall 2018 classes to focus on linked courses only, as that is the area most in need of course development at present. Deadlines for grant applications set for Nov. 5 (Summer/Fall 2019) and Apr. 5 (Spring 2019). Decided that all grant requests will be considered together (and approved requests will be funded) in April-May 2018.

October 23, 2017:

  • Approved (9/0/1) 6-year Core designation and final payment of course development grant to one linked course pair (EN/HS)
  • Voted to approve three sets of Distribution course goals as identified by the Social Science (11/0/1), Natural Science (11/0/1), and Humanities (12/0/0) assessment coordinators
  • Updates and discussion on various other projects underway; no decisions on these projects made at this meeting.

October 30, 2017:

  • No Core meeting was held this day. A virtual vote was proposed on the linked course TRS 342/BL 137, Islam and Environmental Science. Virtual vote completed 10/31/2017. Vote tally 7/0/6 to approve the linked course.

November 6, 2017:

  • Approved (9/0/1) FR 302 to carry AW designation. Approved (9/0/1) EN 250 and SC 352 to carry OP designation. Gave conditional approval and approval final course development grant payment for the link PS 455/SC 442 (course numbers will change).
  • Discussed (without final decisions) changes to: core budget, assessment plans, approval of distribution classes (HUM/SOC/SCI), further data on ‘double-dipping’ in light of majors with heavy credit burdens.