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Learning Goals

Students will:

Demonstrate at least second-year language proficiency (ACTFL’s intermediate-mid) in an East Asian language;

Identify common elements of the East Asian region, as well as differences within the region based on society and culture;

Analyze an East Asian society from at least three disciplinary perspectives (including, but not limited to, anthropology, art history, economics, history, literature and the arts, political science, religious studies and sociology);

Understand the role of artists, the arts and the artistic impulse in society and recognize how history, politics, religion, philosophy, science and technology influence art and how art influences history, politics, religion, philosophy, science and technology; and

Articulate the political, economic, and sociocultural relationships among East Asian nations and between the East Asia and other regions.


Rodman Hall across a grassy field with large tall trees and bushes blooming with vibrant white flowers.

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